January 7, 2005


Scion Art Series

The 2004/2005 edition of INSTALLATION, Scion’s phenomenally successful art series featuring some of the country’s most accomplished street artists, has begun.

Artist: Crash

The stigma of ‘graffiti art’ is fading and a real appreciation for the skill and craft of these graphic masters is beginning to emerge. Still, many of these artists continue to have trouble exposing their work to mainstream audiences via legal methods. Scion car company (a division of Toyota Motor sales) is providing an opportunity for them to take their work off of the streets and into galleries and museums.

In 2003 Scion, with the Rebel Organization, launched INSTALLATION, a revolutionary art tour featuring paintings and sculptures created by an unprecedented collective of urban artists. INSTALLATION toured for over a year, visiting a dozen independent galleries and collecting additional artwork along the way.

INSTALLATION brought together a truly unique mix: aerosol street artists, fine artists, and graphic designers. The goal of the INSTALLATION tour was to get these artists and their work as much visibility and exposure as possible, and to promote them ahead of the brand and the cars. Scion has since enlisted many of the artists to work with the company on other projects. Swank, Dez Einswell, and Saber designed flyers, posters, and t-shirts; David Choe created a cartoon for the Scion Magazine; Mister Cartoon is customizing a future Scion project car.

Building on the phenomenal success of the first tour, INSTALLATION 2004/2005 will expand into new cities, cultivating new artists from around the country. While the last year’s art was painted directly onto Scion xA sculptures and xB vehicles, this year’s art will be done on three by eight foot canvases. Widely recognized artists like Kenny Scharf, Mear, Andy Howell, Crash, Retna, Kenton Parker, Haze, Eklips, Michael Delahaut and more have already contributed their talent, and other artists will be painting live at Scion sponsored events throughout the year, expanding the collection as it travels across the country.

Scion is proud to sponsor the INSTALLATION tour, and especially proud of these artists for all their creative work.

Next stop: Fri., Jan. 14, 6 p.m.-11 p.m. at San Diego’s Cassius King Gallery, 435 Third Ave. (www.cassiusking.com). Show runs through Jan. 24. Opening night DJs Charlie Rock (Rock Steady b-boy crew) and Still Wil. Also with live painting by Persue (creator of the Bunnykitty line), plus attending artists Crash, Daze and Dr. Revolt.

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