January 14, 2000

Tezozomoc Speaks

Y comienza! "La Politica" … Lets do lonche! Elections is de time to fatten up on the politicos. Between now and Marzo, Chicanos, Filipinos, Chinos, Gays, gente de color who happen to have a little ole newspaper, newsletter, or a 25 watt radio station are on the "rubber chicken, tacos, frijoles, chop fooyey lunch-a-bunch circuit. Ay ya yi! They love us! Well anyway for election time. Then its back to Father Joe's soup line! (Don't get big headed guys..but it is nice to be wanted at least once a year.

De aqui and anywhere: our Torero Practico, Bullfighter with la pluma, our very own Lyn Sherwood will be doing Spain for a while. His good work with La Prensa San Diego has gotten him a `gig' with the real Toreros of the world. Next ole! We hear will come from Madrid, España where Lyn will call them as he sees them! If we are lucky, Lyn will E-mail or fax La Fiesta Brava from the various mayor Plazas de Spain.

Cosas you wouldn't know if El Jefito didn't bring them to you: Out of 1,224,848 citizens (550,032 ARE REGISTERED VOTERS) in San Diego only 195,272 voted for the PADRE DEAL (aka sell out) (That's less than 36% OF THE VOTERS). Where is the so-call Majority THAT BOCA GRANDE LUCCHINO AND HEDGECOCK are always talking about. Put it to a true vote again and lets see what happens now that the voters are aware of the massive rip off that has been foisted on them cause they failed to vote last go around.

Este Indio will be going POLITICO UNTIL THE ELECTIONS ARE OVER. Tengo que traer la información para que voten con subiduria. La Prensa has already met with Superior Judge Larry Sterling who is challenging DeDe Alpert in the 39th Senatorial District. Has networked with MAPA STATEWIDE CONVENTION CHAIR on the proposed statewide endorsement convention. Meeting with Assemblywoman Zettel Poway, new Vice Chair State Assembly Committee on Higher Education on Saturday to discuss Community Colleges. Have accepted an invite to speak at the Freedom Foundation Conference in San Diego on Feb. 9th. Subject "Hispanic-Latino Vote: Myth or Reality.

FYI: Mayor Jose Serna former Mayor of Sacramento, who recently died was the uncle of Elia Esparza, originally from Chula Vista and publisher of Estylo magazine based in Hollywood.

En pasando, many of our Gente have been suffering from the flu, we extend our sympathies, we know what you are going through.

Bueno …Hasta La Otra Tezzy

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