January 14, 2000

More Than 1,000 California Democrats Apply to be Gore Delegates

SACRAMENTO - In support for Al Gore's Presidential campaign in the Golden State, an impressive 1,037 California Democrats have applied to be Gore delegates and run in the January 23 caucus. Since only 239 slots are available, an average of more than four persons will be competing for each delegate slot and the chance to be an Al Gore delegate at Democratic National Convention.

The delegate applicants are as diverse as California itself. Twenty percent of the applicants are Latino Americans, 16 percent are African Americans and 6 percent are of Asian-Pacific Rim descent.

Gay and lesbian Californians make up 7 percent of the delegate hopefuls. Among the delegate applicants there is also strong representation from working families, labor unions, elected officials, party leaders and young people.

"While these delegate applicants come from diverse and varied backgrounds, races and orientations, they are united and steadfast in their support for Al Gore for President," said Sky Gallegos, California state director for Gore 2000. "The grassroots support we are receiving from across racial, ethnic, demographic and geographic lines is overwhelming. Californians are showing their support for Al Gore's message of improving education, expanding health care and continuing the economic prosperity."

California's Democrats will send 239 delegates and 40 alternates to represent them at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles in August. Delegates will be selected by caucuses held on the congressional district level, on Jan. 23.

The California Democratic primary election will be held on March 7.

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