January 14, 2000

State of The City Message a Fairy Tale

Mayor Susan Golding's "State of the City Address" was a total figment of Maryanne Pintor's imagination. The City she spoke of is not the San Diego that we have inherited after 8 years of misrule by Mayor Susan Golding and her inept coterie of advisors and City Council. The recent issue of Ladies Home Journal (February 2000) calls it the way it really is. The results of a survey of 200 of America's largest cities is notable primarily by the absences of San Diego in the top categories in any of the selected categories used to rank the cities. San Diego has a female Mayor and 4 council-persons are women (4 women plus the Mayor makes for a majority). San Diego was no where in the top rank in any of the categories.

In the categories of:

Quality Child Care: San Diego was not in the top ten. The top city was Wilmington, DE. San Diego was out of sight on the measurement stick.

Longest hauls to go to work: San Diego was rated as one of the worst of the 200 cities. But then we can take consolation in San Bernardino, Cucamonga, and Santa Rosa being worse than we are.

The Ladies Home Journal did not list San Diego as a healthy spot in the provision of health care. Washington D.C., was rated the best. San Diego was somewhere between Huntsville, Alabama and Modesto, Ca.

Per capita Income Growth: Virginia, Texas, Georgia & Maryland all beat out San Diego. Sorry the Gaslamp District, Charger Stadium, Padre Stadium, nor the convention center boast San Diego past Plano, Texas, Mesa Arizona or Las Vegas, which was rated numero uno!

To end this punishment, San Diego ranked 53rd when all the categories were averaged out ... San Diego was beat out by, Orange County (15), Sunnyvale (18), Fullerton, (19). Garden Grove (21), Santa Clarita (22), Fremont (23), Torrence (33), Glendale (36), Anaheim (40), Santa Ana (45), and finally San Diego (53)! Oh, Ya, we beat out Oakland which ranked 196 out of the 200 cities analyzed!

The Mayor said `San Diego was vibrant and strong'! Wonder what juju book she was looking at or what fairy tale book her speech writer used for her facts??? Check out the "Ladies Home Journal February 2000" edition if you don't believe La Prensa San Diego.

Meanwhile, we had better take a good look at the batch of candidates that want to be Mayor.

P.S. Susan Golding is the best case for not placing all power in the Mayor!)

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