February 28, 2003

Graphics Company Instrumental in Award Winning Year for Fair

SPRING VALLEY, CA — ¡Albricias! By SILVA, a graphics, writing and English/Spanish translation services company, was part of a collaborative effort that resulted in several honors for the Imperial Valley Expo’s California Midwinter Fair & Fiesta. Bill Blair, Chief Executive Officer of the Imperial Valley Expo (45th District Agricultural Association), proudly accepted six awards in the Western Fairs Association (WFA) competition for promotion and publicity for the year 2002.

Margaret Silva-Chairez, the Art Director for Albricias! and an award-winning cartoonist, provided artwork, design and layout for the 2002 California Midwinter Fair & Fiesta poster, which garnered the first place prize for this category. The poster expressed the fair’s theme of “Squeals on Wheels,” featuring two pigs, outfitted in leather gear, riding into the fair on a motorcycle with a backdrop of a Ferris wheel in the moonlight.

Anna Elizabeth Carboni, another graphic artist on the Albricias! staff, designed the Imperial Valley Expo’s facility marketing brochure, which also earned the Imperial Valley Expo a first place award; Carmen Silva of Albricias! provided the text for this award-winning promotional material, which describes the fairgrounds and what the fair provides in terms of facilities and staff for small and large-scale events such banquets, meetings and trade shows.

Margaret Silva-Chairez was also the featured artist responsible for the 2002 fair Newspaper Advertising – Single Ad, which placed second in the competition.

Silva-Chairez’s creativity led to the development of the storyboard for the 2002 fair television commercial, which received a third place award. (The other third place award for the IV Expo was for the exhibitor handbook for 2002.) She also illustrated the logo for the fair, which was used for the cover of the media kit and on all fair press releases contained within the media kit folder; the media kit won an honorable mention in its class.

The Western Fairs Association (WFA), which sponsored the competition, is a non-profit organization serving the fair industry in the western United States and Canada. The WFA serves over 2,200 members and 140 fairs, 72 of which are under California jurisdiction.

The Imperial Valley Expo is one of 80 fairgrounds in California and is home to the California Midwinter Fair & Fiesta. The Expo itself is a 100-acre facility with over 50,000 square feet of exhibit, including five buildings, grandstand and racetrack. It is located in Imperial, California, 120 miles east of San Diego, 60 miles west of Yuma, AZ and 20 miles north of the Mexican border.

¡Albricias! By SILVA is a family owned company that has been providing graphics, writing, and English/Spanish translation services since 1995. The name of the company, ¡Albricias!, is Spanish for “glad tidings” and was taken from a line in a play, the script and the enactment of which has been handed down from generation to generation and has been performed by the family at the San Diego State University’s Powell Theater.

Besides providing artwork and design for advertising and promotional materials, Albricias! has been specializing in annual reports and children’s activity books, as well as Spanish/English translation for such documents as fact sheets, brochures and flyers.

Albricias! of San Diego has been providing the graphics and design for the fair’s publicity materials for the past four years. The company has been called on again to provide this year’s fair publicity materials as it celebrates its 95th year. This year’s theme is “Celebrate the Kid Within.” The Imperial Valley Expo’s 2003 California Midwinter Fair & Fiesta runs from February 28 through March 9 in Imperial, California.

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