Volume XXVII Number 09 February 28, 2003

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Miguel Estrada, A Perplexing Judicial Nomination

Miguel Estrada was first nominated to the 10th Circuit Court in May of 2001.
Ever since that moment it has been a battle of wills. For the Hispanic community
this appointment has evolved into a politically defining point,
a maturation of the Hispanic political body if you will.
We present here, the two sides
of the argument for
Miguel Estrada.


Estrada would destroy hard-fought victories

By: Dolores C. Huerta

As a co-founder of the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez, I know what progress looks like. Injustice and the fight against it take many forms-from boycotts and marches to contract negotiations and legislation. Over the years, we had to fight against brutal opponents, but the courts were often there to back us up. Where we moved forward, America’s courts helped to establish important legal protections for all farm workers, all women, all Americans. Now, though, a dangerous shift in the courts could destroy the worker’s rights, women’s rights, and civil rights that our collective actions secured.

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Filibusted – Democratic Opposition to Estrada Will Backfire
By: Marcelo Rodriguez
Success in politics is ultimately the aggregation of a lot of little things. And when it comes to Hispanics, President George W. Bush has two crafty little victories to his credit. Each makes it look as though he and the Republicans, more than the Democrats, have the interests of Hispanics at heart.

Ten Years of Border Femicide: Computers, Shoes, Physical Appearance and Drugs Common Threads as Juárez-Style Women’s Killing Reach Tamaulipas State
Residents of the Paso del Norte region were greeted with more grim news in mid-February after the bodies of three—and possibly four—young women were discovered on the desert outskirts of Ciudad Juárez. Recovered from an area where up to three other murder victims were found last fall, and not far from the Lomas de Poleo site where numerous victims of sex-related serial killings were found in 1996, the latest victims bore the all-too-familiar marks of the serial killers that have haunted this border for ten years.

With All Eyes On Iraq, The Americas Crumble
By: Andrew Reding
While Washington focuses almost all its attention on a country half a world away, the Americas are falling apart. The recent slaughter of police and civilian protesters by Bolivian troops is but the latest in a long string of warning signals. And misguided U.S. policies are squarely to blame.


First Person:
Baring It All For Peace – Modern Day Lady Godivas
By: Sheila K. Johnson
One recent Saturday, shortly after sunrise, I joined about 60 other women of various ages and dimensions to bare my bottom for peace.

Women’s History Month: March 1-31
In 1981, the U.S. Congress passed a resolution establishing National Women’s History Week. The week was chosen to coincide with International Women’s Day, March 8. In 1987, Congress expanded the week to a month, and it has issued a resolution every year since then for Women’s History Month. The U.S. president also issues an annual proclamation on Women’s History Month. As last year’s presidential proclamation stated, “Women’s History Month provides our country the privilege of honoring the countless contributions that American women have made throughout our history.”

Women’s History Month Art Exhibit Explores Hidden Roles, Lives of Maids
While a young art student in Oregon, Cheryl Parry worked as a maid in an elite, private club for wealthy women. Her time spent in this occupation has had a strong impact on the art she creates today. “I wondered what it would be like to know I would do this work the rest of my life,” said Parry, who now lives in San Diego. “I wondered what it had been like for maids before me who had no choice.”

Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista Nurse Advocates for Youths and Newborns
After more than 28 years in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista, Marilyn Wiedemann has seen her share of babies born either to moms who are drug dependant or premature due to lack of prenatal care. She felt she had a responsibility to mentor the mothers but did not quite know how to approach it. Until one day she met Dr. Johnny Carter at the hospital. After conversing about the different situations she sees at the Neonatal ICU, they both realized that they had a similar vision and desire to help these newborns by getting to the root of the problem.

Leading Latino Organizations Bring Attention to Proposed State Budget’s Negative Impact on Latinos
SACRAMENTO, CA – The Latino Health Alliance (LHA) urges the Governor and State Legislators to give careful review to the proposed state budget, claiming that the Governor’s current proposed budget and budget cuts negatively impact Latinos at a greater rate than the rest of the population. 

El Departamento de Salud se Asocia con Celia Cruz, Para Promover el Conocimiento Sobre el Cáncer del Seno
SACRAMENTO – La Di-rectora de Salud del Estado, Diana M. Bontá, R.N., Dr.P.H., lanzó un nuevo anuncio de servicio público (PSA por sus siglas en inglés) para la radio en español protagonizado por la cantante Celia Cruz, también conocida como La Reina de la Salsa y reciente ganadora de un Grammy. En el anuncio, la artista exhorta a las mujeres a tomar ventaja de diversos servicios gratuitos disponibles para la detección del cáncer del seno.

La matrícula consular mexicana : un acto de soberanía
Por Emmanuelle Le Texier
El consulado mexicano de San Diego se mudó temporalmente a Solana el día Sabado 22 de Febrero. Casi la mitad del personal se instaló en un centro de la Iglesia Saint James para atender a 500 Mexicanos. El “consulado móvil” expidió matrículas consulares y pasaportes; repartió información sobre el programa de comunidades mexicanas en el exterior y eventualmente dio asesoría legal a los conacionales del condado norte de San Diego.

Por Yhamel Catacora
LIFE ante el reloj
A menudo sentimos que el tiempo vuela, pero nunca tan apresuradamente como cuando comienza a marcar la hora radial semanal de “Bienvenidos a América”, el programa que se difunde a nivel nacional, conducido por Mario Sol y el renombrado abogado de inmigración José Pertierra. En el primer minuto del programa se agolpan a la línea ansiosas preguntas de los oyentes; las mismas que se dirigen al experto que ha sabido ganarse la confianza de miles de oyentes en todo el país, sobre este delicado tema que a todos nos atañe, el estatus migratorio y la tortuosa vía de la legalización.

Cal State San Marcos President Named to National Board
Dr. Alexander Gonzalez, president of California State University San Marcos, has been appointed to a one-year term on the board of directors of the American Council on Education (ACE). The appointed was confirmed at the board’s annual meeting, held February 15 to 18 in Washington, D.C.

Graphics Company Instrumental in Award Winning Year for Fair
SPRING VALLEY, CA — ¡Albricias! By SILVA, a graphics, writing and English/Spanish translation services company, was part of a collaborative effort that resulted in several honors for the Imperial Valley Expo’s California Midwinter Fair & Fiesta. Bill Blair, Chief Executive Officer of the Imperial Valley Expo (45th District Agricultural Association), proudly accepted six awards in the Western Fairs Association (WFA) competition for promotion and publicity for the year 2002.


In Memorium
Don Roberto Ricardo Alvarez
It is with deep sorrow and regret that one of our community’s outstanding citizens Roberto Ricardo Alvarez, passed away February 10, 2003, at the age of 84. El Señor Alvarez had returned from a business trip, accompanied by his eldest son, Roberto Jr., from Mexico. After arriving home, he began to feel stress in his heart and difficulty in breathing. Doctors who attended him inserted a pacemaker to assist his heart. Unfortunately, the pacemaker could not prevent him from suffering a massive disabling stroke. He fought a good battle pero Dios lo llamó.

Border Patrol executes a Mexican near a refugee for immigrants
Monday February 24, 2003 -- On Saturday February 22, 2003, an unarmed immigrant, Juan Patricio Peraza Guijada, 19 years old from Mexicali, Baja California, was killed by a Border Patrol officer in plain daylight a few meters from Casa Anunciación, a shelter for refugees in El Paso, Texas. The incident occurred at about 9 a.m. while officers were patrolling the area adjacent to Casa Anunciación looking for immigrants.

Peligro para Turistas en Chiapas, México
Por Lourdes Davis
El Departamento de Estado con firmeza sigue aconsejando a los ciudadanos estadunidenses no viajar al Estado de Chiapas. El comunicado de alerta dice que “han habido recientemente incidentes pertubadores que involucran violencia y amenaza de violencia contra extranjeros y establecimientos que atienden a turistas extranjeros” en esta zona.

Symbolic Value VS Ideology in Estrada Nomination
By: Victor Menaldo
Miguel Estrada, a partner in the Washington law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, is a 42-year-old nominee to the 10th Circuit Court. One should not be surprised to learn that the specter of a prolonged filibuster hangs over his nomination. For several months now, Estrada’s nomination-process has been very contentious.

¡Que el pueblo y el gobierno respeten los derechos de todos!
¡Entre los individuos como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la Paz!
Palabras del gran indígena a cuya memoria la gratitud del país ha erigido un ara inconmovible.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Tomando el Autobús de la Madrugada:
Un Proyecto Fotográfico Sobre Inmigrantes y Migrantes Hispanos
El Domingo, Marzo 9, La Biblioteca Pública de Oceanside se complace en presentar un programa de diapositivas, y una discusión sobre las experiencias de inmigrantes Hispanos en Oceanside, Carlsbad y Vista. Este programa es gratis en los Cuartos de la Comunidad de La Biblioteca Pública de Oceanside a las 2 p.m. La discusión es sobre la exhibición, “Tomando el Autobús de la Madrugada”, que estará en la biblioteca durante marzo y abril. El señor Leland Foerster, el fotógrafo, platicará sobre sus experiencias al tomar las fotos y mostrará unas diapositivas de la exhibición. Después de la plática del señor Foerster, habrá una discusión entre unas personas quienes trabajan con Hispanos.

Grammy Winners Bacilos Return to San Diego
By: Francisco H. Ciriza
The  45th installment of the Annual Grammy Awards held in New York’s Madison Square Garden named Bacilos’ Caraluna “Best Latin Pop Album”. The U.S.-based band was clearly and understandably giddy after receiving the award for their sophomore release on Warner Music Latina.

Hip Hop VS. Pepsi – New Movement Must Go Beyond Old-Style Politics
By Shani Jackson
Last week, hip hop scored a moral victory when Pepsi caved into a boycott threat from the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN). The threat started after the soda maker pulled a commercial featuring the rapper Ludacris, and dropped after Pepsi promised to partner with the Ludacris Foundation and the Simmons Rush Arts Foundation to support creative inner-city communities.

Subebaja: Una revista cultural fronteriza
Por: Pablo De Sainz
En octubre del año 2000, el poeta y periodista tijuanense Juan Carlos Reyna me envió un e-mail donde me invitaba a colaborar en una nueva revista cultural llamada Subebaja. En aquel entonces, Reyna me dijo que sería una revista contemporánea, que reflejara el ámbito cultural y literario de Tijuana, pero sin pretensiones intelectualoides. Cada número, me dijo, estaría dedicado a un tema especial: el primer número sería sobre la narcocultura.

Subebaja: A Border Cultural Magazine
By: Pablo De Sainz
In October of 2000, the Tijuana poet and journalist Juan Carlos Reyna sent me an e-mail inviting me to contribute an article to a new cultural magazine called Subebaja. Back then, Reyna told me that it would be a modern magazine, that would reflect the cultural and literary environment in Tijuana, without any intellectual tendencies. Each number, he told me, would be dedicated to a special topic: the first issue would focus on narcoculture.

Contemplamos Magia, Encanto, Tango, Sensualidad, Sentimiento y Pasión en “Forever Tango”
Por: Paco Zavala
Presenciamos una de las excelentes presentaciones del grupo de Forever Tango, en la que todo es magia, encanto, tango, bandoneón, música, sensualidad, sentimiento, pasión y excelencia, entre tantos calificativos con los que se puede calificar a este estupendo grupo de músicos, bailarines, coreógrafos y demás compañía.

Reponen la Puesta en Escena de la Obra “Guerrero Negro”
Por: Paco Zavala
Un grupo de entusiastas actores pertenecientes al Instituto Teatral Unido repondrán durante el próximo mes de marzo la obra teatral de Victor Hugo Rascón Banda “ Guerrero Negro” que dirigirá nuevamente el director Jorge Andrés Fernández.

Cuida de ti misma, un libro con contenido para la mujer
Por: Paco Zavala
“Cuida de ti misma”, es un libro editado por Urano Publishing y escrito por la Dra. Alice D. Domar y Henry Dreher.

Calendar of Events:
By Berenice Cisneros
Kids to Create Art
Every Saturday at 2 p.m. in the month of March, kids in grades 106 will have the opportunity to explore different ways of making art at the Oceanside Public Library. Each week a different artist will explain their way of making art, bring samples to spark creativity and answer questions.

Ruiz And Jones Go Nose To Nose
By: Fiona Manning
Fighters go head to head, toe to toe but on Wendesday WBA heavyweight champion John Ruiz and his challenger Roy Jones Jr went nose to nose then almost fist to fist before being separated.

Tres mexicanos entre los diez primeros en St. Petersburg
St. Petesburgo, Florida - Durante todo el fin de semana han andado rápidos y esta tarde no fue la excepción. Tres de los cinco mexicanos en el serial CART Champ Cars se clasificaron en buena posición para iniciar la carrera que antecede a la primera en su país.

First Serve at Pacific Life Open Set For Monday at Indian Wells Tennis Garden
By J. Fred Sidhu 
American tennis stars, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, will headline the 2003 Pacific Life Open.

Final Riptide 2003 Player Tryout Slated For March 8
The San Diego Riptide will be holding their final open-player tryout before the 2003 season. The tryout will be on Saturday, March 8, 2003 at Orange Glen High School in Escondido. It is located at 2200 Glen Ridge Rd., Escondido, CA 92027. To get there take I-15 to Via Rancho Parkway, east; left at Bear Valley Parkway; right at Glen Ridge.

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