February 25, 2005

Los Racistas, that tried to pass an Initiative to bar “Undocumented Immigrants” from getting a California Drivers License, couldn’t get the money, or the signatures, to place the Initiative Petition in the 2006 Ballot! El Governor, who is trying to tell our Gente that he is our “Gran Amigo,” had VETOED a previous bill that had granted “Undocumented” (code word for all RAZA!) the rights to apply for a driver’s license.

Al tanto: Did you know the 9/11 Hijackers obtained 60 fraudulent driver’s Licenses to carry out their attacks in New York??? Muy extraño, there wasn’t a single Mexican, documented or not, amongst that group. Yet, the Republican Extremist insists on launching racist attacks on America’s Mexican Americans, Latinos & Hispanos! Ya Basta!

Not to worry Gente, our very own Senator Denise Ducheny, is fighting for you in Sacramento! Ducheny has introduced legislation “The Freedom to Ride” bill that will allow all Bikers over 18, to not wear Helmets while scooting on our freeways at 80-100 miles per hour. According to Ducheny this is about personal freedom and choice”! Just how many of our Raza do you think ride the supped up Bikes on the freeways? Really, is this the best you can do for your constituents?

Seems to be a disconnect between the City of Chula Vista and its Citizens. The City placed advertisements in the Star News and the U.T listing vacancies in 15 Community Boards. The ads seek community members to serve on these boards. For a City that is 65% Hispanic, we found it strange that not a single advertisement was placed in La Prensa San Diego. We wondered, is the City trying to limit the number of Hispanic applicants? La Prensa San Diego, with a 35,000 print circulation and a sizeable WEB site, since electronic publishing became a viable way to spread the news world wide, we believe would be the logical way to reach the 65% of the citizens of Chula Vista! Is the City not aware of Equal Rights and Opportunities! What about it Congressman Filner, Davis, Cunningham, Hunter & Issa?

Mayor Murphy calls Mike Aguirre a “Rookie” for using his bully pulpit to try and stop the theft of City Funds and the slide of the City into a financial crisis, a crisis that won’t end until the City is IN BANKRUPTCY. I am sure the City Attorney would like to be “part of the team.” But Attorney Aguirre has a higher calling than just standing by and watch the City of San Diego be destroyed by the actions of an incompetent City Council and the failure of LEADERSHIP FROM THE TOP RANKS OF THE CITY ADMINISTRATION, from the Mayor on down. San Diego is in a crisis and is fast spiraling into a dark vortex from which there is no salvation.

La Gente de National City worried over losing their homes by Eminent Domain to the city. City Officials illegally are trying to buy homes from residents so that their land can then be sold to businesses! This is illegal! Land can only be taken under Eminent Domain when the property is needed for a “Public purpose” I.E. BUILD ROADS, SCHOOLS, SEWERS, ETC It cannot be taken under Eminent Domain so that WAL MART or some other private business concern can establish a business in the City! Alerta homeowners, know your rights!

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