February 25, 2005

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Letters from the Web:

The Sun Article

The Sun article regarding illegal immigrants (invasion) told the truth.  If this article unset folks, buy new shoes, you will definitely need, the truth is out in this country and 350 students cannot stop the opinion of millions of USA citizens. 



KUDOS!  I couldn’t have said it better myself and you voiced most of my concerns with the Bush Regime.  I live in  a constant state of fear and helplessness over what he’s going to do next.  He’s like a runaway train, just completely out of control, and I shudder to think how many lives, and futures, he’s going to ruin before he’s through. 


School District Better Off Without Bersin

I am a School Bus Driver at San Diego City schools. The truth is going to reach the people soon. Our lives and the lives of our students will improve because Mr. Bersin is gone.

The human cost of having a Lawyer run our Schools has been huge. The word that best discribes this is terror. I hear the talk about how his principals are moving teachers out of their classrooms and transfering them to different Schools because they dare to disagree with the “blue print”or whatever they change the name to try to make it more acceptable. The attacks on individuals for protesting against one of his school principals. I personally faced false sexual harrassment charges for 9 months because I marched in protest. I worked hard to make the kind of changes that would ensure he would be gone and I am proud to have worked With ACORN and CSEA to make a difference.

The direction and future of the city schools is now in the hands of people who are open and willing to listen and think about the health and welfare of our students and staff. There was someone who once said “it takes a village to raise a child” we are all part of that village. We all need to help for us to move forward and be successful in the education our students. Parent involvement is the single most important factor in student improvement. Come to school, help make each school stronger.

Larry Isom 

Social Security just the tip of the iceberg

In the State of the Union address, President Bush repeatedly said that he will not leave problems to future generations. But we have seen his policies and the priorities of the Washington Republicans do the opposite, causing harm to the country for years to come.

The Bush administration’s failed policies have resulted in millions of uninsured Americans and trillions in debt which will leave a trail of problems that will resonate long beyond Bush’s tenure.

The result is a less secure future for our children and grandchildren. And Bush’s Social Security privatization scheme is just the tip of the iceberg.

Bush’s proposal to make his tax cuts permanent will empty the Social Security trust fund, costing $2.4 trillion over the next 10 years. And he is saddling future generations with trillions in debt.

Bush’s health care proposals will double the cost of traditional health care by shifting the cost of medical bills to patients.

Bush wants to extend the unfunded mandates and requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act and may actually propose cutting the budget for the Department of Education.

Does this sound like a better future for our children and grandchildren? We can’t let Republicans in Congress wash away hope for our future. We should hold Bush and the Republicans accountable, and stop their disastrous agenda dead in its tracks.

Patricia Nagy
Chula Vista

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