February 25, 2005

Emilio Estefan seeks “Nuevas Voces de América”

By Geneva Gamez

MIAMI, FL. –In a recent interview with Estefan, he talked about his latest project, “Nuevas Voces de America,” the newest reality based TV show he is co-producing and directing with Telemundo and Estefan Television Productions. The show is about twenty young Latinos who aim and are in competition to become the next popular Latin music artist. “I am very excited about this project,” exclaimed Estefan, “this show is something completely different than what you’ve seen before.”

“Everyone has worked on similar shows, yet none have shown the other side -the side with which the producer is creating the star,” said Estefan. “Nuevas Voces de América” promises a unique and different angle to the popular ‘reality shows’ you now see on TV. The show is directly produced from Estefan’s studio, showing viewers the strategies involved in the making of a star while sharing the secrets of how newborn artists are transformed to become rising stars. Contestants will learn to perform, develop disciplined eating habits, train, exercise, stay fit, look good and most importantly, take on a new lifestyle.

“You may have the voice to sing, but if you don’t have the discipline or the training, you don’t have anything,” said Estefan. “Nuevas Voces de América” will teach contestants that with discipline dreams can become a reality. “I want people to be inspired and believe that dreams do come true.”

Estefan emphasizes “Nuevas Voces de América” is not another “American Idol.” “We are not a replica of American Idol,” assures Estefan. “The show is one hundred percent real, and excludes filming of the contestants’ personal lives, other than what is considered relevant to the objective of the show. “I think everyone deserves privacy, there are personal parts of people’s lives that should remain private, and we’ll respect that,” said Estefan.

“Nuevas Voces de América” focuses on the aspects of creating a rising star and at the same time seeks to enrich and reinforce the Latino culture by showcasing its existing talent. “I think people always need to remember where they come from. It doesn’t matter if you sing in English or Spanish, you always end up going back to your roots.” Contestants will not be expected to sing in any other language than Spanish, however, they are expected to eventually speak both English and Spanish for potential cross-over possibilities in the near future.

I asked Alfonso de Anda, one of the show’s hosts if “Nuevas Voces de América” was the Latino way of showing that ‘yes’ we too can reach the ‘American Dream’ by making it big and glowing like stars, or if there was more to it? he said, “this is our way of creating a new American Dream...it goes to show that we aspire to reach our dreams and are people with “ GANAS DE CRECER.”

Alfonso “Poncho” de Anda is a Spanish TV personality in “Hoy en El Mundo” and “El Rojo Vivo”. He is co-hosting “Nuevas Voces de América” alongside Amelia Vega, Miss Universe 2003.

This is not just another reality show, aside from searching for new talent, “Nuevas Voces de América” also hopes to be a positive influence to its viewers and serve as an inspirational tool to the Latino culture that we can go as far as we dream to go. De Anda says, “we are hardworking people with dreams; and we work for our dreams.”

“Nuevas Voces de América” made its debut last Sunday, February 13th on Telemundo Network; it will be broadcasted from 8:00 –9:00 pm (EST), every Sunday for 15 weeks, ending with a 2 hour finale on May 22nd at Hollywood’s Universal Studios, where celebrity guests will perform and the winner be crowned, given a $50,000 prize and a signed $200,000 recording contract.

The show counts with three judges who will score each contestant’s performance on a 1 to 10 point scale. Similar to Mexico’s “La Academia,” another reality-based show that seeks music artists, “Nuevas Voces de America” will have viewers call in and nominate out of the lowest scoring contestant who will stay for the following week. Whoever is not chosen will be dismissed and so on every week until a winner is determined.

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