February 24, 2006


San Diego Mayor Says Violent Crime is Down in Our Town!

Having a strong Mayor form of government must be paying off! At least, that must be the perception that the newly elected Mayor, Jerry Sanders, wants to project the citizens of the City and throughout the Nation! It must be part of the new Mayor’s job to package the City in a new light that will make it appear as being a safe place to do business in, hold conventions, and attract thousands of tourists to our shores!

There is a small problem in attempting to wrap the City in a new image: the constant reports in the local and national media of the obvious corruption in our local City Government, the incessant gang problems, the obvious failures of our local leadership to control, eliminate, and turn the Border areas into safe areas for the residents and visitors that must deal with the constant warfare that goes on within the boundaries of the neighborhood of San Ysidro and the Mexican municipality of Tijuana! Yes, San Ysidro is a part of the City of San Diego and everything that goes on in the San Ysidro boundaries must be accredited to the City of San Diego which took over the area in order to control the Border areas.

Nowhere is it mentioned, in the 2005 Crime Report, of the enormous drug dealings that are carried on with the construction of the underground tunnels that have been constructed cross-border between San Ysidro, which is a neighborhood in the City of San Diego and in Tijuana, a Municipality that is a part of Mexico. The Border lands are totally uncontrolled and are so ignored by the San Diego Police Forces that the drug dealers from Mexico and the United States function with impunity.

To state that the City of San Diego is “considered the safest big City in the Nation” is a travesty and plays very lose with the truth. When you can dig enormous tunnels from Tijuana into the community of San Ysidro that are used to transport thousands of tons of drugs and a stream of human traffic between San Ysidro and Tijuana, Mexico, your report doesn’t even begin to address the reality of how corrupt the City of San Diego is!

If the New Mayor is going to be a strong Mayor and make of the City (all of the City and not just the areas where the wealthy live) crime free, then he must address the crime(s) that are occurring throughout its boundaries and deal with all crime. It’s a farce to pick and chose the type of crimes that you’re going to place in your report. Its stand to reason that you will define only those crimes that the local police can deal with and make the City look good on paper!

The elected and appointed officials that run this City have already made it clear that “anything goes” in this City! San Diego is fast getting the reputation of being “The Big Easy” when it comes to white collar crime. Which no mention of is made of in your report! And of course, it would be impossible to haul tons of drugs through the boundaries of the CITY and send illegal aliens with impunity through the tunnels if the POLICE were actually involved in policing the City and arresting all the law breakers! The truth must be faced in order to deal with reality!

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