February 24, 2006

CD Reviews

By Francisco H. Ciriza

Marta Gomez
Entre Cada Palabra
Chesky Records

Chesky Records’ organic approach is a well-suited to Columbian-born singer/songwriter, Marta Gomez’s simple, uncluttered, delivery. Boasting no overdubs, compressors, multi-tracking, or even large mixing boards, producers David and Norman Chesky allow Entre Cada Palabra’s music to literally speak for itself. The 14-song CD offers of a wide range of genuine yet accessible set of tunes in the styles of Columbian cumbia and bambuco, Argentine zamba, Cuban son, and Peruvian lando. Gomez, nominated for Billboard’s Best Latin Jazz Album in 2004, displays her singing and arranging talents on “Cielito Lindo” which embodies a slowed-up tempo and chilling reverb.

The Pinker Tones
The Million Colour Revolution

Born out of a miniscule Barcelona, Spain rooftop studio, The Pinker Tones, Mister Furia and Professor Manso, offer this intensely accurate musical flashback. TMCR provides a virtual time warp through familiar sounds echoing of flighty 60’s lounge, 70’s organ and distorto-guitar-drenched crunch rock, and 80’s electronica a la New Order and Depeche Mode. Already well-known for their videos which have been on regular rotation throughout European MTV outlets, the Pinker Tones’ also negotiate modern sounds via sampling, deft DJ work, clever production, and sound playing skills all work the group sounding not unlike its top 40 contemporaries.

Various Artists
Brazilian Lounge
Putumayo World Music

From Brazil 66 to Antonio Carlos Jobim, Brazilians have left an indelible mark on popular music. Putumayo World Music now offers its latest in its lounge series, Brazilian Lounge, a collection featuring the familiar soothing vocals and more recent urban grooves of many of Brazil’s finest contemporary musicians. From the opening track’s “new Bossa” sounds powered by sultry vocals and a hot but simple electronica beat to the infectious fusions of samba, soul and funk, and further retro stylings of the remaining songs, Brazilian Lounge delivers a consistently solid lineup of artists and tunes.

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