February 23, 2001

Tezozomoc Speaks .....

No sean Buffalos, gente!... No sigan la guia del "Onion"... (Translation: Don't be like the buffalos and blindly follow the "Union"!). Last Friday, el Jefito exposed District 8 candidate Ralph Inzunza Jr. as not being in line to get the Boy Scouts Eagle Award but he did get the Gay Caballero award from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender communities. This week the Editors of the ONION rushed to bless the Gay Communities candidate, Ralph Inzunza.


PREGUNTA: ¿Por qué (why) are the Güeros (Whites) so afraid that La Gente of District 8 just might elect someone THAT REPRESENT THEIR INTERESTS?


Dicho Mexicano... Más enseña la adversidad que diez años de Universidad. (You learn more from adversity than 10 years of University).


The Ball Park fiasco just got more interesting with the MAN... Peter Navarro (Professor of Economics at U.C. Irvine) entering the 6th District race. Tested in the political fires of San Diego of the past, Peter is ready! WOW can you imagine having someone on the City Council that knows how to add and subtract!


In case you forgot, dear readers of TEZZY, the Primary for District 8 election is February 27, Tuesday. If one candidate gets 50% plus 1 vote, he wins the seat immediately. You have 12 choices! Take your pick. Top two vote getters will run-off on April 17, 2001. VAYA A VOTAR EL MARTES SIGUENTE Feb. 27.


Horses in the Horse Race are: Joe Ortega, Rafael Ramirez, Richard Amador Babcock, Christian Ramirez, David Gomez, Elias Rojas, Janice Jordan, Mary Arends -Biddlecome, Kevin Han-cock, Lincoln Pickard, Ralph Inzunza Jr., Gloria Tyler-Mallary.


Those of you living in Nestor, Otay Mesa, Palm City, Centre City East, Grant Hill, Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, Memorial, Stockton, Barrio Logan, San Ysidro, Tijuana River Valley, Golden Hill, Shell Town and South Crest are in District 8.


PREGUNTA: Why would the Union endorse a Hispunnnic right out of the chute? Do they know something that the voters don't know? Or is this another effort to stack the council with one more "Felony-Stupid" member? Quien sabe. Ask Editor Karin E. Winner Ph. (619) 293-1201.

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