February 22, 2002


State of California

March 5, 2002

Proposition 40

PROP 40: Would authorize the state to issue bonds totaling $2,600,000 billion to supposedly protect rivers, lakes and streams. Among the things this money will do: improve water quality, protect beaches and coastal areas, improve air quality, preserve open space and farmland, protect wildlife, restore historical and cultural resources, and improve the safety of state and neighborhood parks.

It is easy to see why our Assemblypersons and state Senators were unwilling to vote on this massive billion dollar boon-doggle! There is something here for every special interest group in the state, except for the taxpayer, who will have this albatross on their collective necks for the next 25 years! After the bond sellers and the Wall Street people get their piece of the action we, the taxpayers, will end up paying $4.3 billion in principle and interest!

Say NO to this outrageous proposal! If our elected representatives wouldn't vote for this boon-doggle, it demonstrates they didn't have the backbone to just SAY NO to the people that have been paying them off with campaign donations! Send your own message... This state is near bankruptcy! We the people must stand up against the arrogance of the promoters of this proposition and let your representative know by your vote on March 5, 2002 just what you think of their political cowardice in failing to debate openly on the proposition and then vote on it. That is why we elected them to office.



Effective July 2003, Prop 42 would require that existing revenues from state sales and use taxes on the sale of motor vehicle fuel be used for transportation purposes, as provided by law.

It is time that we stop financing every program that our legislators come up with from our gas taxes. This practice, which siphons gas taxes to support education, health care, public safety, etc., places the burden on the driving public to provide more and more support for a variety of social programs. In many cases, maintaining these programs should be the concern of all tax payers, not just one segment of the population. It is fair to make auto, truck and motorcycle drivers/owners pay the extra taxes for street and road repairs, state and local transportation purposes, state highway improvements and public and mass transportation. Perhaps this will keep many of us off the road.


Prop 43:

Amends the Constitution to declare that, in accordance with the law, each voter who casts a vote in an election of this state shall have their vote counted.

A proposition whose time has come!


Proposition 45

This Proposition would allow incumbent Senate and/or Assembly office holders facing "term limits" to mount signature campaigns within their districts. It would also allow them to run a maximum of four years beyond that which is currently allowed under term limitations for Senators, and three two terms for members of the Assembly. The petitions will have to be signed by 20 percent of the ballots cast in the last general election. This should be a small hurdle with their armies of paid signature collectors. This is an obvious stratagem by incumbent office holders facing term limits to stay in office forever.

Voters initially voted for term limits because, over the years, politicians demonstrated to the electorate that length of time in office did not enhance their ability to carry out their legislative duties. What it did do was entrench them in their districts to the point that it was impossible to remove a politician from office, no matter how ineffective or dishonest he was. Given enough time, most politicos established insidious relationships with major corporate interests and businesses. Major organizations and power brokers were literally able to control most any politician in office. In pure disgust over the actions of long term politicos, the voters passed a Term Limits Initiative.

Professional politicians are cut off from the "mother's milk" of politics - MONEY. Holding public office should not be a long-term career choice. The lure of money is too powerful. Time has demonstrated that if given enough money, our political representatives will sell out their constituents, as well as their city, state and yes, even their country.

La Prensa San Diego RECOMMENDS THAT YOU VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 45. We learned a hard lesson, and a tight rein must, therefore, be maintained. Once honesty, integrity, trust, respect, and honor become a way of life, perhaps the rules can be changed. At this point, none of these exists.


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