February 22, 2002

Top Businesswoman Seeks Seat in San Diego City Council, District 4

San Diego business entrepreneur Marissa B. Acierto is running for the city council seat in San Diego's District 4.

The district, one of the most diverse in the county with a population of 154,000, comprises the communities of Paradise Hills, Encanto, Oak Park, Bay Terraces, Jamacha, Lomita, Alta Vista, O'Farrel, Valencia Park, Knox, Lincolns Park, Southcrest, Mountain View, Mt. Hope, Chollas Vie, Emerald Hills, Broadway Heights and Webster.

It is currently represented by Councilman George Stevens who is barred by law from seeking another term.

Acierto is an outstanding businesswoman, having been chosen in August 2000 by the San Diego Metropolitan Magazine as one of the top "Forty Under 40" entrepreneurs in the city.

"I believe this is now the time for me to serve the district I've always known since childhood," said Acierto. "I have so much to offer in terms of expertise and know-how, and I want my district to benefit from that."

Acierto's running for a council seat is a significant step towards empowering the diverse ethnic groups which have never been represented nor given a voice in the administration of the city.

"Within my humble capacity, I would champion the cause from which this country draws its strength... and that is diversity," Acierto said in a press statement.

District 4 is home to people of different ethnic backgrounds. Asians comprise 22.4 percent of the population; American Indians, 0.3 percent; African Americans, 24.8 percent; Hispanic, 35.6 percent; White 12.1 percent and others, 4.8 percent.

"Diversity is what makes America strong. As such, it will be my guiding principle, my anchor in this campaign," Acierto said.

Acierto manages her own communications company, the Cellular 2000+, which operates a store in Bay Plaza in National City.

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