February 22, 2002

NAHP Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary in Dallas Next Month

The National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) will hold its annual conference at the Fairmont hotel in Dallas, Texas from the 13th to 16th March, 2002.

NAHP serves as coalition partner in such organizations such as the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR), the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA) and the National Latino Media Council (NMLC).

The Conference will highlight new NAHP initiatives and programs from the National Hispanic Press Foundation. The most comprehensive study and segmentation analysis of Hispanic Media consumers ever undertaken will be released at the conference.

Featured guests include Marta Fox, the First Lady of Mexico; Hector Barreto, Administrator of the Small Business Administration, as well as representatives of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; Terrence McAuliffe, Democratic National Committee Chairman; Mark Racicot, Republican National Committee Chairman; Juan Hernandez, Mexican Cabinet Advisor for Migrant Affairs; Texas Governor Rick Perry; and Felipe Preciado, INS functionary; among others. Most important, America's leading Latino publishers will also be present.

The conference will begin with an official opening ceremony with speaker Marta Fox on Wednesday, March 13th, and a workshop entitled "60 Keys for Marketing to Hispanics". The evening will conclude with the Amigo Awards and a "Serenata" by Mexican musical artists.

Thursday features workshops on Latinos in business, politics and entertainment. The morning kicks off with a keynote address by Hector Barreto entitled "Growing Your Business." Another topic covers "Trends on the Internet." Invited speakers include Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and Mark Racicot of the Republican National Committee.

NAHP President, Zeke Montes will lead a panel on "How to Create an Advertising Team." Montes heads the discussion with invited panelists Xavier Corona of pennysaverusa.com, Jorge Ortega of Burson Marsteller and Maria Diaz-Kyle of Skies Communications. Following the panel, the Dallas Art Museum will host the "Role of Hispanic Print Media in Politics".

Also slated to appear is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Youth Ensemble. The highlight of the evening will be a screening of "Real Women Have Curves," which won best Writer/Producer (Josefina Lopez) and best Actress (Lupita Osteveroz) awards at the Sundance Film Festival.

Friday features workshops on Hispanic print media and the role it plays in Latino communities, a segmentation analysis of Hispanic consumer media patterns, Latino Press style challenges, advertising strategies and finally, a discussion of publisher copyrights and the privacy issues of Hispanic readers.

Saturday's topics include: Higher speed Internet access for Hispanics; Hispanic youth issues; and a general outlook of immigration: its problems, solutions and perspectives. The event concludes with a Gala Reception, Awards Dinner and Dance.

NAHP President, Zeke Montes sees the Conference as a way to build bridges of communications for Hispanic publications nationwide. "As Latino publishers, we must never lose sight of what makes America great as we maintain an awareness of our roles in helping communities prosper by providing information, news, culture and opportunities."

For information on the Convention, contact NAHP at 202-662-7250 or visit the web site at nahponline.org.

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