February 22, 2002

Latino Candidate Vies for Mayor of Lemon Grove

The March 5th election will give citizens of Lemon Grove the opportunity to elect their first Latino Mayor. Ricardo Luna, 47, is a Lemon Grove resident who has lived in San Diego County since 1972, if elected, Luna would become Lemon Grove's first Latino Mayor. Mr. Luna has been employed by the United States Postal Service for 14 years, is an honorable discharged veteran of the United States Navy with 12 years of honorable service, and attended the University of San Diego prior to entering into the Navy.

Luna has stated, "Lemon Grove has a long history of overt and institutionalized intolerance towards Latinos dating back to at least 1931 with the Lemon Grove incident. My election will be an important first step in ensuring that the sizeable Latino community of Lemon Grove is finally represented at city hall. Even though all citizens share pretty much the same day-to-day concerns, there still remain many issues that are of unique concern to Latinos that are not being addressed. In addition, I look forward to being a role model for Latino youth and the fact that I am bilingual makes me uniquely qualified among all the candidates to listen to and address the issues vital to the Latino community."

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