February 22, 2002

Latino Lawyers Endorse Davis

San Francisco — Recognizing his first term in office as a time of "commitment and service to the Latino community," La Raza Lawyers Association of California voted unanimously last night to endorse Governor Gray Davis for re-election to a second term.

"La Raza Lawyers voted to endorse Gray Davis because he has shown a strong commitment to reach out to our community," said Chris Arriola, deputy district attorney in San Jose and president of the organization that represents more than 2,000 Latino attorneys throughout the State. "The Governor has proven to be a friend of the Latino community."

Arriola presented the Governor with a certificate of the endorsement that read, "Given for commitment and service to the Latino community. This endorsement recognizes the extraordinary level of commitment displayed by Governor Gray Davis."

Mercedes Moreno, assistant district attorney in San Francisco and president of the San Francisco La Raza Lawyers Association, which unanimously endorsed the Governor earlier this week, added, "Californians made the right choice three years ago. We are very proud of the work the Governor had done that's why we are supporting him."

La Raza Lawyers Association of California is a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of Latinos in the legal profession and the empowerment of the Latino community through service and advocacy. The association also serves as a network for 18 local affiliated groups throughout the State that collectively represent more than 2,000 attorneys, judges, law professors, legal professionals and law students throughout the State.

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