February 22, 2002

California Labor Federation Rescinds Endorsement of Susan Davis For 53rd Congressional District

In a very rare decision, the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO announced that it has rescinded its endorsement of Susan Davis in her effort to win re-election to office in the 53rd Congressional District.

The Federation is the voice of working people in California. More than 2.1 million union members in 1,300 local unions representing all industries and regions of the state are represented by the Federation's statewide umbrella.

Art Pulaski, the Federation's Executive Secretary Treasurer, said Davis earned the wrath of California's unions through her support of President Bush's flawed trade legislation known as "Fast Track," which passed the House of Representatives by a single vote of 215-214 on December 6. Davis' vote was the single deciding vote.

"Susan Davis has asked us to stand by her in this election year, but she has abandoned us on this most fundamental of issues," Pulaski said. "Fast Track gives President Bush the authority to negotiate trade deals while denying Congress the authority to address or correct problems with those deals, such as denial of worker rights or lack of environmental protections. Fast Track is an open door for companies to exploit cheap labor and not to be held accountable for mistreating workers, endangering public health or taking advantage of consumers."

"Her action on Fast Track is a slap in the face of workers everywhere, and of the union members in San Diego who have long supported her," said Jerry Butkiewicz, CEO of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Central Labor Council, which has over 110 affiliated labor organizations in the two counties. "We have no choice to but to withdraw our support for her in this election."

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