February 21, 2003

Time For Raza to Stand Up

Protest the looming war against Iraq

By Ralph de Unamuno

I know many people are busy and the whole Dame Edna thing has really caught up a lot of people. At least we see that the "digital divide" is not that big considering Vanity Fair gets 200 emails every 20 mins.

Email is a powerful tool within our community. But let us see if we can use it to stop an even bigger offense to our community--- the war on Iraq and the so called "War on Terror."

There is a looming world war as we see that France and Germany are not backing down from their stance for peace. NATO is about to fall apart as a result of the United State's war mongering and the steadfast support from their lap dogs': Spain and the UK. The tension is pulling at the stitches of the new EU (how convenient for the US, huh?) If you find this offensive because you feel we need to go after Iraq and Hussein because they are threat to national security than ask yourself these questions:

If the US is going to war to save Iraqi women and children from the evil Hussein. how come over 1 million Iraqi children have died as a result of US sanctions since 1993? The US went to war in Afghanistan for Bin Laden, so where is he? If it was not that important to catch him, why did the US go in, then and settle for nothing? Was the war in Afghanistan for 9-11 or was it for the Shell pipeline to send Oil from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean? After ten years of sanctions and constant air raids in southern and northern Iraq how would Hussein get the weapons of mass destruction? Don't you need satellites to guide those missiles or planes to drop bombs? All of those people dropping bombs missed the nuclear missile truck huh? Oh yeah where is Osama Bin Laden?

Now we are told Iraq and Hussein have connections to Al Qaeda, then why is the US entertaining a plea from the EU and Russia to allow Hussein and his henchmen to go away and live in exile? Is that what you do to with people who are connected to Al Qaeda? So they will just let them go and live it up on the Black Sea?

If Iraq has weapons of mass destructions why is the US building up one of the largest force of troops since the Gulf War? No, not remote controlled vehicles, but troops stationed right on the border between Kuwait and Iraq. If Iraq had weapons of mass destruction wouldn't this be like sending sheep to the slaughter? Where is Bin Laden?

This war is going to be fought with mostly young Black and Raza men. There are more prisons than universities in California as of 1998. The state budget is so bad that community college fees will rise from $11 to $24 next quarter. the CSU and UC are going to be out of control as you can guess. What future does this leave for our youth?

It is not as if there are jobs like during the Dot-Com era. You guessed it, that is why there are more Military recruiters on Black and Brown high school campuses than college recruiters, this is why the Michigan Affirmative Action case is being decided now, to keep us out of University nation-wide. They are making a pipeline of Black and Brown kinds from the Ghettos straight to Baghdad!

Raza, in 1994 the state white voters of California voted for prop 187 and we didn't get all the solidarity we would have liked in order to defeat it. In 1996 the white voters again took away affirmative action and we still didn't get the turn out to stop that attack. now our civil liberties and our dignity is at stake. Can you live with the stain on your soul that you know this war if to line the pockets of the Republicans and corporations and not to fight terror?

It is time for Raza to stand up Against the War!

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