February 21, 2003


The Mexican Aguila tangles with The American Eagle

El Presidente Vicente Fox de Mexico is caught in the proverbial political dilemma: He is caught between “a Yankee fire and a blazing Mexican frying pan.” Either way he jumps, he is bound to get his pantalones burnt off! Señor Fox ignored the lessons of the past and made the mistake of catering to the insatiable power lust of the Norte Americanos. Mexican history should have taught him that Texans have never forgotten General Lopez de Santa Anna who may have lost his leg at the Alamo but massacred everyone in sight! President George W. Bush is a Texan and he remembers the Alamo! He now has President Fox between the barrel sights of his colt 45 and has the trigger cocked.

Seeking prestige for his country, El Presidente Fox got the Yankee President to support Mejicos appointment to one of the 10 nonpermanent members of the United Nations Security Council. This must have appeared as a safe haven for President Fox to have his country in. Not having a vote on the 5 member permanent Security Council, Mexico’s representative was free to make their quota of beautiful speeches on the floor of the U.N. They could take positions that were favorable and in line with Mexico’s growing importance in Latin America. And, at the same time, be able to tweak the American eagle’s nose from time to time, much to the delight of the Mexican Citizens.

President Fox played his Mexican card in the United States to the immigrant, naturalized, and US born Mexican, and to the millions of admiring Mexican citizens. Never had Mexico basked in the full public glare of its perceived accomplishments. You want dual citizenship? You got it! You want more farm and poultry workers? You got them! You want to dump your toxic waste in Mexico? No problema (T.J. kinda got even on that one. Thy sent their toilet wastes down the Tijuana River to Imperial Beach!). You want cheap industry workers? Mexico jumped with delight and sent thousands of their best workers to slave in the Maquiladora plants where they earned slave wages! All glory to Vicente Fox. What past Mexican President enjoyed such close relations with the Yankee? A new era in Mexican–American relations was on the cusp of achievement.

Like all relationships, sometimes things go awry. Suddenly President Bush gets into a heated disagreement with President Saddam Hussein and is about to push the United States into a fistfight with Señor Hussein. The wiley old Fox with a wink wink to his people indicated they have no worries. Mexico had no vote on the Permanent Security Council that has to approve the fistfight.

Presidente Bush despertaly needs a majority vote from the permanent members. At present, he only has England supporting him and Russia, France and China opposing. However it seems there are moves underway to have France, China, and Russia not veto the proposed American/England actions and refer the whole question to the entire 15 member Security Council!

The conundrum that Mexico will find itself in is that it will then have a vote! The question then will be: will Mexico support the US or will it vote in favor of a new UN Resolution to prevent going to war? Can the wily Fox settle for beans and tortillas or will he go against his own people and go for steaks and fries? Will Mexico support the US or will it stand by its principles?

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