February 20, 2004

An Open Letter

Latinos Come Out and Vote

The Latino vote is in silence and hurt by the current political process. Latinos today are now realizing that they have a right to choose who represents them. Latinos are no longer looking to the democrats for a voice. Increasingly, they are switching to other parties to have a voice in the electoral process. The democratic party has lost its appeal to the Latino vote.

Latinos must now realize that to blend with the rest of the population and continue to improve their lot in life. We must organize and unite for change.

The Irish immigrants at the turn century realized their significance in politics when they realized that as a united group they could influence politics. Irish immigrant sons were dying in the Civil War by the thousands. Today, the first generation children of Latino immigrants are joining the Armed Forces by the thousands and are today the ones who are dying by the scores for the liberties and the rights of our great country.

The Irish did not get an equal footing of respect in politics or in society until they organized politically. This organization brought about change for their community at every level of life in politics, business, and in their communities.

Great change for the Latino’s today will come when the same united front of strength is presented to the current political establishment. It is at this point that the Latino population will gain entry and acceptance into the normal stream of American process. It is at this point that Latinos will blend into social political fabric of this great country.

Latinos from all walks of life and all levels of social strata must unite. History and time is ready for the mobilization of the Latino vote.

I urge all Latinos to vote, and exercise this right. I want to tell all Latinos that the political process in the United States is not like it is in their country of origin. It is not run by a dictatorship, it is a process that guarantees a true voice for their opinions. No one will help you if you think there is no hope like it was back where you grew up. You must realize that just trying to survive is not enough. Just getting by is not enough. Working two jobs and raising a family is not enough. Paying for rent and making others rich by your labor is not enough. It is time for Latinos to step up and hit the ball at every process of the American way of life. Latinos must learn how to play ball in America.

My generation of Latinos stem back over forty years, others are traced back beyond the Spanish-American war. It is about time that we mobilize to bring our voice to the halls of the country in which we work, play, raise our children and pay taxes.

I have an opened minded approach to politics, and I will represent every faced of this great community. I will represent and be responsive to the voice of the people and to the voice of the Latino population in San Diego, and in district 3. You can make the difference by coming out to vote. Elect Mr. G. Garcia for city council District 3, City of San Diego.

Thank you, god bless, and god bless America.

Mr. G. Garcia

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