February 20, 2004

Eastlake’s Frausto Eyes Return to State Tournament

By John Philip Wyllie

With an overall record of 30-4, Marlon Frausto an Eastlake High School junior has emerged as one of the leaders on the Titans well respected wrestling team. Selected as the MVP of both the Scripps Ranch and La Costa Canyon Tournaments, he also finished on top in his weight class in the Mar Vista Battle by the Beach Tournament. Frausto’s biggest goal however, qualifying for the state tournament for the second consecutive year, will require an extraordinary effort.

“At Eastlake, we have a team motto: Focus, Composure and Heart,” explained Frausto’s coach, Bob Hughes. “Marlon is a perfect example of the heart part of it. Last year, he called his own shot at the beginning of the year when he told me he was going to make it to the state tournament. He willed himself into that tournament.”

Having moved up to the 112-pound weight class for 2004, Frausto will be hard pressed to qualify again this year.

“He is probably in the toughest weight class in San Diego County, but if he does everything correctly and stays within himself, he should make it again this season. Once he gets on the mat (wrestling Frausto) is a six-minute war.”

Despite his success, Frausto is a relative newcomer to wrestling.

“I had a friend in one of my classes that was on the wrestling team,” Frausto recalled. “When tryouts came around (freshman year), he said I should try it, so, I did. I really liked it from the first day of practice.” In time, Frausto liked it well enough to give up on baseball in order to devote his full attention to it.

“I only started wrestling freshman year,” Frausto explained. “Some of my opponents have been wrestling since they were four. I try to work as hard as I can to make up for all the lost time.” His record and reputation speak volumes about his work ethic, something he believes he inherited from his Mexican-born parents.

“I was born here, but we lived in Mexico until I was in the second grade. I’ve lived here ever since. Although he no longer lives in Mexico, Frausto is proud of his Hispanic heritage.

“I’ve been going to the Adelante Latino Conference every year since seventh grade, he explained. “It has been interesting to meet people that grew up in TJ just like I did that have risen through the ranks to become doctors, lawyers and engineers. I come away each year from that conference thinking that the sky is the limit.”

As one of the county’s top high school wrestlers, the future looks very promising for Frausto. “This year I am taking several honors classes so that I can raise my G.P.A. I expect to wrestle in college and from there I will take it as far as I can.”

About the only thing Frausto hasn’t been able to deal with is the nervousness he feels whenever his parents are in the stands.

“My parents are very supportive. They always want to watch me wrestle and always ask to come, but I get really nervous when they are in the stands. So, they haven’t seen me wrestle very often. I am hoping I will get over that nervousness soon.”

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