February 18, 2005

Q-V0 Gente, I was thinking, what a status symbol it is to have a cell phone clipped on your belt or pockets. Pues, I am so pobre I can’t afford one. So, para que Las chabalas don’t think I am poor, me pongo my garage door opener en mi cinto! A todo dar! Qué, no?

¿Qué pasó con San Diego Unified School Board??? This Board reassigned popular Gompers Principal Vince Riveroll, last week, for an undisclosed reason, presumably because of his support to change Gompers to a Charter School. This was the kinda of stuff the old board used to do, ignore the community and do whatever they please! By the way, Gompers was one of the few schools that failed to meet the No Child Left Behind standard and was expected to make major changes, we don’t think firing an innovative principal, hired only five months earlier, was what the parents expected.Go figure!

South Bay political scuttle butt: It seems that Pearl Quiñones has floated the idea that she is interested in Juan Vargas’s seat in the State Legislature. This has got the Inzunza’s Clan totaly up-tight! Nick Inzunza has his eye on this seat. The Inzunza political machine blew it. They had put their little machine behind Quinones in her reelection bid for the Sweetwater School Board race. Quiñones didn’t need them! Quiñones raised most of her political dinero outside of the city!

In Chula Vista, Patty Davis is termed out after this year. Raza looking for an acceptable candidate to replace her. Rudy Ramirez’ name has been bantered about. He ran for Seat 4 last year. Mary Salas and Dan Hom, who also ran for Seat 4, are also potential candidates

Mayor Murphy just doesn’t seem to know how to get out of his own way. The mayor has the authority of appoint a representative to the Airport Authority Board . Who was his choice? For some ungodly reason he selected Ralph Inzunza, Jr. Come on Mayor, this guy is under indictment in connection with Cheetagate involving extortion and fraud. You haven’t learn much about politics, have you Mr. Mayor. The Inzunza name is not wildly respected in our communities!

A top Republican operative visited El Jefito. Seems they can’t figure out why we don’ like them! CHISPAS... El Jefito let them know!

Alerta Gente, El Union Tribune brought in a Texan, Tio Taco, Ruben Navarrette Jr., a Republican hack from Dallas Texas, to try and seduce you to the Republican Party! Pues at least, he is not a Cubano. They tried to bring Cubanos in to tell us all about how nice the Republicans were to Los Cubanos... Didn’t work! The Union is afraid to hire Chicanos. We are too Liberal and people oriented to buy their propaganda.

Pregunta: La Gente wants to know how come the Logan Post Office is going to be named after César Chávez?? Pos, ya saben, there are 18 cities in the County of San Diego. Out of these, eleven are Spanish surnamed (Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, San Diego, San Marcos, Solana Beach, Vista.) In addition there are innumerable parks, churches, streets, and buildings that carry our Spanish/Mexican heritage names. Naming is nice but our people need more than the tokenism of naming things after us. I would have been more impressed if Representative Susan Davis used her considerable clout to force UCSD to pay all our Latino/Hispanic workers a living wage instead of paying them crumbs! That would be a significant action in behalf of our GENTE!

Al Tanto: The Right-Wing group that is trying to prevent undocumented immigrants from being able to receive a drivers license has been caught by the Secretary of State’s Political Reform Division, raising over $400,000 and not reporting a single penny of it! The founding NeoCons of “Save Our License” includes Mike Spence, Founder (President of the West Covina Unified School District), John Fugatt, Treasurer of the group, Former State Senator Richard Mountjoy, Assemblyman Mark Wyland (R-San Diego), Jeff Evans, and as usual there has to be a “Coconut" in the mix, Victor Valenzuela! The group is now subject to $10,000 in fines AND could face a FPPC investigation!

Bueno gente, the President’s Pentagon Propaganda machine is off and running. To get your mind off the escalating deaths of American Marines, soldiers and sailors in Iraq, they are now trying to sell you a bill of goods that soon we will have ROBOTS replacing human soldiers! The Pentagon nerds trying to sell this piece of B/S are probably the same ones that convinced our Secretary of Defense that we were going to win the war by eliminating heavy duty tanks, and using lightly armored vehicles that would speed across the desert sands and blow everybody out of the way. We would do this with few soldiers on the ground. Anybody that disagreed with Rumsfield and his dream was removed from command! The mounting body bags tell the truth and have to be faced: Rumsfield and his Know-nothing Generals are responsible for sending our military into a war, undermanned, under armed, and unprepared! Its time to blow the whistle on this massive fiasco of a war and bring our troops home! Every time civilians (politicians) try to run a war, our troops are slaughtered!

Chao, hasta la próxima!

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