February 16, 2001


Y COMIENZA LA POLITICA... Hijole que agüite. If it isn't one election es otra! Now its Council District Ocho (8) y Seis (6). As usual there are candidatos buenos (good candidates), unos sin idea what its all about (completely clue less), otros completamente vendidos (others are complete sell outs).


El Jefito has been visited by candidates Richard Babcock, (es a halfer parte Mex. Amer. y parte Gringo), Kevin Hancock (married to a Mexican), Joe Ortega, (a local hommie), Rafel Ramirez (a Sherman Heights original), Christian Ramirez (a self professed Chicano) and Mary Biddle-come, both who sent their information via mail platicamos, toruquiamos, y los conocimos. That's six of the 12 candidates in the race for District 8, eso quiere decir that the other six candidates lost their way to La Prensa o no les importa de La Raza.


PREGUNTA: What does Candidate Inzunza believe in?

ANSWER: Inzunza supports same sex civil unions.


ALERTA funded Agencies, como MAAC Project, Barrio Station, Chicano Federation etc, looks like El Presidente has a mind to cut off funding to non-profits and threw that money to church based organizations! Look for City, County, and State folks to follow the FEDS' lead.


Ralph Inzunza, the wanna-be Councilman for District 8 was endorsed by the San Diego County Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender communities, according to Publisher Mark Gabrish Conlan of the Zenger's Newsmagazine... Well, guess La Gente now knows where Inzunza is coming from. Last time I looked District 8 was mostly a Catholic & Christian community! Perhaps Inzunza is running in the wrong district?


CHICANOS, who fought in the trenches since the 60s' with BERT CORONA, were ignored and given a cool reception at La Marcha, funeral service and commemorative speeches that were made in his honor. Nativo, current leader of the Hermandad shunted them aside and give the politicos (White & Brown) center stage even though they did nothing for the Movement. Another betrayal.


PREGUNTA: Where were the leaders who founded La Hermandad? Not one was invited. These Veteranos of The Movement were slighted and ignored. Gracias Nativo.


MEMO TO THE BLACK LEADERSHIP: Ay Bro. don't feel bad! At least Lt. Gov. Baustamante is talking to you. You folks must have forgotten that that Ole C.B. was born, raised, and elected to office in Fresno, home to the man who uses the N word in the same breathe with Wetback. Sometimes its' hard to shake the dirt off your shoes.


PREGUNTA: Did you know that Ralph Inzunza supports the City financially supporting Domestic partners (This is a man and another man, or a woman and another woman, living like a married couple and working for the city) receiving the same benefits as a normal married couple? Are you sure you want to represent a District that is 99% normal!

El Jefito, trucha que es (a smart one he is) will place guiding lights throughout the campaign to give you insights to whom you should give your dinero, ayuda, y VOTO! Just remember gente, you voted in the past for Juan Vargas, Peter Chacon, Uvaldo Martinez, Jess Hero... Y QUE! WHAT HAS CHANGED IN YOUR BARRIOS, YOUR VIDA, (YOUR LIFE)??? NADA HAS CHANGED... Because you don't vote for someone that is going to represent YOU!


PREGUNTA: Did you know Candidate Ralph Inzunza would vote to not allow THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA to lease city land in Balboa Park when he becomes a City Councilman? Reason? The Boy Scouts will not allow homosexuals to be Boy Scout leaders!

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