February 16, 2001

City Okays Unsolicited Handbills Policy

The City of Oceanside has issued an administrative directive governing the distribution of unsolicited printed materials to City staff at City Hall. This Unsolicited Handbill Administrative Directive takes effect immediately.

The Unsolicited Handbills Policy serves as a guideline for the handling of unsolicited materials at City Hall. The purpose of this directive is to ensure that unsolicited materials are handled in a common fashion providing the proper expression of First Amendment rights while also identifying reasonable restrictions on the exercise of such freedom by specifying certain places for distribution of these handbills.

A handbill includes any printed or written advertising matter, documents or materials, sample or device, dodger, circular, leaflet, pamphlet, newspaper, newsletter, paper, booklet or any other printed material or literature.

The Unsolicited Handbill Administrative Directive requires that there will be a central location for the public to use in distributing unsolicited handbills and a special kiosk, specifically for this purpose, has been installed outside of City Hall South.

Materials will be purged from the kiosk every seven days, on Wednesday to ensure equal access by the public. The administrative directive further prohibits the distribution of any unsolicited materials within or adjacent to City facilities. All persons who desire to distribute unsolicited materials will be directed to the kiosk established expressly for the collection of these unsolicited materials.

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