February 16, 2001

Method Fest Seeks Quality Films For Upcoming Festival

The 3rd annual The Method Fest Independent Film festival, June 15-22nd, 2001, at Laem-mle Playhouse 7 Theaters in Pasadena, CA, is seeking feature films and short film entries. The early entry deadline if February 20, 2001 and the late entry deadline is April 1, 2001. The following formats will be screened at the festival: 16mm, 35mm, Beta SP, and digital.

The Method Fest, dedicated to discovering unique independent films showcasing breakout acting performances, is the only film festival in America that puts its focus on the actor, believing acting is the core ingredient to independent film. The Method Fest, presented by Charter Communications, features American and foreign feature films and short films. The festival is named after "The Method" school of acting, which brought truth and realism to the world of acting. Many of today's top actors trace their lineage back to great Method Actors such as John Garfield, Geraldine Page, Robert De-Niro, Meryll Streep, and Dustin Hoffman.

Awards at the festival will include the John Garfield Award for best actor, feature film; the Geraldine Page Award for best actress, feature film; best actor, short film; best feature film; best short film; breakout acting award; audience award; best short film; best director (feature film); best screenplay, best cinematographer. Prizes will include film industry services donations and handcrafted sculptured statuettes.

For festival information and call for entry forms, call (310) 535-9230 or check the festival's web site at www.methodfest.com

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