February 16, 2001



The meeting between President G.W. Bush and Mexico's Presidente Vicente Fox may well go down in history as the first major "Encuentro" between the old world and the new. Perhaps a "choque" as momentous as significant as the choque between Hernan Cortez and Moctezuma. Cortez with great courage chose to conquer and bring to that undeveloped continent the modern day miracles of Old Castille. In the long process in which the old and the new worlds created a synthesis that has lasted all these centuries.

There are many that the melding of Spaniard with ancient Indigenous peoples worked to the detriment of the weaker: the Indigenous tribes that had lived and created a brave world far from the influences of the European continent. Others would say that the "choque" brought into existence a whole new world that managed to incorporate the modern, for those times, tempered by the knowledge & cultures of the past.

The new "encuentro" with the leader of the free world, G.W. Bush, with the first modern day democratic President of Mexico, Presidente Vicente Fox, unwillingly or willingly will bring about the chemistry that may change the very nature of our coexistence.

For the first time in moden history the President of the United States has chosen to make Mexico the first nation state to make his first official visit to. He is visiting Presidente Fox as equals in the world of nations and not as a subservient 3rd world nation. President Fox has been signaling to this country ever since his election that he wants to change the dynamics of the two countries' relations. We applaud both President Bush and Presidente Fox for their courage to take this first visionary step.

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