February 15, 2002

Tyson Licensed in Georgia

For a mere $10 filing fee, Mike Tyson may have saved his $100 million dollar fight. Thomas Mishou of the Georgia Boxing Commission has confirmed that Mike Tyson filed for a license to box in the state of Georgia and was accepted because he met the state's simple requirement of submitting proof of his physical fitness. The Georgia Dome in Atlanta is the most likely venue in this state.

It's good news for Tyson, but the fight still has at least one other obstacle to overcome. According to the contract signed by Tyson and Lewis, the fight must take place in one of six specified states and Georgia is not one of them. The contract could be revised to accomodate Georgia — if both fighters agree to the change.

With Tyson now licensed in Georgia the pressure is on the remaining states to follow suit or risk forfeiting one of the most lucrative gates in boxing history.

The selected venue will also have to meet the financial demands of the promoters. For this reason, California and its Los Angeles Staples Center seem to be a likely venue. The state will review Tyson's application this month.

So there is still a chance that one of the six specified states may license Tyson, but the fight's promoters seem to be in agreement on one thing: the fight will not take place on its originally scheduled date of April 6. Early June is more likely.

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