February 15, 2002


March 5, 2002


PROP A: Will amend the County Charter, making the Treasurer/Tax Collector an appointed officer rather then leaving it as an elected position. The County Administrative Officer would be the appointing authority.

The Treasurer/Tax Collector must be protected from the political flim-flam that running for office demands. The Treasurer/Tax Collector position demands that the person holding that office have the proper professional education required for that position (CPA and investment knowledge is the minimum). The position must be made accountable to the top management of the county. Becoming the Treasurer/Tax Collector demands that the person have the proper credentials, and that they not be elected on account of their good looks, political skills, or political connections.

All decisions must come under the scrutiny of the City Manager, who is responsible to our elected Supervisor for the functioning of his office. Unfortunately, WITH THE POSITION BEING AN ELECTIVE POSITION, the county has not had the professionalism that is demanded for the position of Treasurer/Tax Collector of the county.

Vote YES on PROP A

City of San Diego

PROP G: Would amend the San Diego Municipal Code to prohibit alcohol consumption 24-hours per day on all of Mission Beach and specified beach areas of Pacific Beach from June 1, 2001 through December 31, 2002?

It must have been a slow day at the office for the promoters of PROP G. They believe so little in that for which they are asking, that they didn't bother to up-date the text. For all intents and purposes, this is a mean-spirited proposal that would seek to make life a little more miserable for families and their children. We enjoy the pleasure of spending a day at the beach, lighting up our BBQ's and enjoying the beautiful beaches that we have in our city. Sodas and a can of Bud are as much a part of the beach scene as playing volley ball, swimming and relaxing in the sun.

Being that June 1, 2001 has gone and past, this proposal is probably a moot point, right Judge Milliken? There are already more laws that seek to restrain our freedoms than we care to imagine. The municipal codes are chock-full of foolish rules that seek to restrain our lives and restrain our liberties. The police have enough problems without having to waste their summer days frisking citizens' ice coolers for beer.

Get serious! If the city wanted to stop beer drinking, it would stop Budweiser from promoting beer at Seaworld. It would also stop turning the Gaslamp district into a center for debauchery and close all bars in the district. Stop harassing the working people of this city!


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