February 14, 2003

MACUILXOCHITL: “Five Flower”, The Aztec god of music an dance

By: Francisco Ciriza

Aterciopelados Returns To San Diego

Colombian alternative rockers, Aterciopelados make their return to San Diego March 1 at downtown’s 4th&B. The band is supporting its lates release, Evolucion, a compilation of the band’s greatests hits with an additional three newly recorded songs.

Andrea and Hector

Some may see this as odd for a group of artisrts who seem to only recently be coming into their own, the groups leader, Andrea Echeverri, explains the reasons the group deceided to take the aformentioned route.

“Mostly it had to do with my pregnancy. We were basically on hold for all of 2002 and the record company felt it somewhat critical we release something new. We felt they’d done a solid job of promoting the previous album, “Gozo Poderoso” and they were suggesting we not let up and allow whatever we’d achieved with that album to fall flat. Therefore, a greatest hits album was the perfect idea. It was something that really didn’t call for a whole lot of band work. We only recorded three new songs. Additionally, the band was celebrating the tenth year anniversary of the release of its first album. So everything sort of just worked out.”

The group comprised of the songwriting duo of Echeverri  and Hector Buitrago and complimented by a host of talented session players over the years has recently come to the attention of music listeners as a result of the inclusion of the groups’ music in television , HBO’s Six Feet Under,  and feature films, Real Women Have Curves. The group’s music lends itsels to the other arts perhaps mostly because of Echeverri’s background and art as well as the duo’s unorthodox attitude and approach to music.

Echeverri studied music in her Native Colombia and she states neither she nor  ever studied music in the traditional sense.

“Our music, lyrics, and aesthetic tendencies are all products of the influence art has had on us. Our approximation of music is more based on intuition than anything else. I think this fact gives our music quite a different feel than most other music. It’s as if most artists are identical emotionally in terms of their music whereas we have a different artistic interpretation and expression.”

Aterciopelados and Echeverri not only are pioneers in contemporary Latino music, but also in contemporary music as a whole as she was one the first strong females to front such a powerful yet expressive musical outfit. Not to be the least bit egotistical, Echeverri was quick to mention her happiness at the higher number of female artists in today’s music world and even more quick to turn her sights and comments toward a much more global perspective and postivie outlook, “It seems to me much more important to be happy with what one does ona a daily basis than anything else in terms of achievement and attention.”

Aterciopelados perform at 4th&B
Saturday, March 1, 2003
Doors: 8pm
Show: 9pm
$22.50 General Admission

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