February 14, 2003


War Hysteria Alarming Nation

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear alarming pronouncements, orches-trated by George W. Bush and his “Shock Troops”, broadcasted over the radio, television and the nation’s presses. The propaganda efforts by the administration are aimed to incite Americans to war against Iraq a backward powerless nation that unfortunately has oil that Bush wants.

Daily the decibel levels of the war drums can be heard over the length and breadth of the nation. The incessant propaganda of fear, which is blanketing the nation, has only one goal: to justify the use of our armed might to satisfy the war lust of President George W. Bush and his minions.

Never in the history of this country have so many of the world’s nations despised the United States of America as they do now. When a nation has too much wealth, and consumes inordinate resources of the world, it becomes a danger to itself as well as to all humanity.

Past fanatical warmongers, such as Hitler & Stalin, sought to become the overlords of the world through the exercise of warfare rather than try to use their vast resources to improve the lives of all humanity and conserve the natural resources of the world. They eschewed diplomacy and instead sought to enforce their will through the use of armed might. President George W. Bush has chosen to follow their path to world dominance. He is gambling with the lives of every American man, woman & child to satisfy his lust for power. There is only one power strong enough to stop the fanatical march to war of the current administration: The American people! The American people must make their voices heard throughout the nation and the world.

If we value the lives of our children, families and the millions of citizens of this country, we must raise our voices and bring this madness to a halt. If indeed we are a nation that values its Christian origins and holds true to its precepts, we must make our voices resonate not only in Washington but also in the capitols of every nation on this earth.

In the not so distant past, we allowed our Savior to be crucified on the cross because we feared to confront the powers that be. Are we going to stand by quietly while our nation is crucified at the cross by the self-serving powers in the “Castle on the Potomac River”?

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