February 12, 1999

California table grape farmers help field workers obtain a higher education

The rising cost of higher education can be a huge burden for parents looking to send their children to college. Many parents and graduates end up in debt after graduation and work for years to pay off loans.

California's table grape farmers will help ease the financial burden of an education for some students by offering $36,000 in scholarships this year. The scholarship program, now in its fifteenth year, offers three $12,000 four-year California State University scholarships to California table grape field workers and their families.

To be eligible, applicants must be high school graduates or students graduating in 1999. The applicants themselves, or their parents, must have worked in the last table grape harvest or verify employment for the upcoming season.

To receive an application, students can contact their high school guidance counselor or call the California Table Grape Commission at (559) 447-8350. The deadline for applications is Thursday, April 15, 1999.

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