February 12, 1999

Cuomo Says HUD Offers Improved Web Site to Open Door of Cyberspace for More Americans

Washington — Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo said that HUD has redesigned its World Wide Web site to make it easier to use and to highlight the most sought-after information.

"The theme of the new HUD budget that President Clinton proposed is `Opening Doors for More Americans,'" Cuomo said. "Our new web site is opening the door of cyberspace for more Americans to give them faster and easier access to information that will help them benefit from HUD programs."

On the new web site which was first posted this week, there is a direct front page link to "homes for sale" —HUD's most requested page— and a daily front page vignette on a successful HUD-assisted locally run program in a community.

In addition, there are new sections on homeownership, homeless assistance and rental help pages. There are also answers to common questions on top of each page. Live or video presentations are also available for the first time.

For people without Internet access, HUD's home page and other resources are available for free from the HUD Next Door kiosk in the lobby of San Diego City Hall—202 "C" Street in downtown San Diego— or at the HUD San Diego Office, 2365 Northside Drive in Mission Valley near Qualcomm Stadium. People can also learn how to better utilize HUD programs by contacting the HUD Office of the Community Builders at 619/557-5310. Information at the kiosk is available in English and Spanish and several HUD staff are also bilingual in English and Spanish.

HUD's web site is at http://www.hud.gov. HUD's San Diego Office also links local information to the national web site at http://www.hud.gov/local/sdg/index.html. Homebuyers interested in purchasing HUD Homes for sale in the San Diego Area may access information on homes available directly through the HUD Homes website at http://www.hud.org, a site which links to HUD's Santa Ana Homeownership Center.

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