February 11, 2005

Maná Starts 2005 With Gold Sales for “Acceso Total” DVD

By Francisco Ciriza

Mexican pop rock outfit, Maná, seems to have become the poster child for the music industry’s new push in the DVD market. The veteran group’s DVD, “Acceso Total-Gira Mundial”, released November 23 of last year, and was recently certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Artists (RIAA).

The slick packaged single-disc, which includes a booklet of photos of the band’s members along with credits, documents the groups touring exploits throughout the world during its 2002-2003 tour in support of its most recent studio recording, Revolución de Amor (WEA Latina, 2002).

Although the group has been a fan favorite in Mexico, the U. S., and the rest of the Spanish speaking world, since the release of the debut Falta Amor in 1995, the band has also become the darling of European fans especially in Spain and Italy. The band’s members are not only talented musicians and performers on stage, but it’s also apparent they are inclined to diplomacy. Footage from Italy shows the band inviting Italian rock icon, Zuchero, to play along with them on their most popular international hits.

With superb editing, the DVD offers footage of Maná both onstage and backstage including shots from the band member’s own cameras during l08 concerts in 28 countries. The video follows the band through its travels, rehearsals, and off-time and goof-off time and also documents the group’s efforts with their organization, Selva Negra, through which the band acts on behalf of the environment, marine life and the poor, worldwide.

The release and subsequent media push marks a new direction for the music business which in recent months has produced DVD’s by such Latino favorites as Spain’s Alejandro Sanz, Guatemalteco, Ricardo Arjona, and Chilean rock mainstays, La Ley.

“It’s been a push by the industry. It a means for them to offer a variety of new sides of the artists,” says Scott Anderson, National Publicist for DBaron Media Relations, Inc. a media relations firm based in Santa Monica which currently represents a virtual who’s who of Latino artists including Alejandro Fernandez, Luis Miguel, Shakira, Ozomátli, and Julieta Venegas, among many others.

“Most of it’s pretty good. They have behind the scenes footage, backstage stuff, and videos. It’s a different way to hit people. MTV and VH1 hardly play videos anymore’” adds Anderson.

With “Acceso Total”, fans can also catch Maná’s musical and personal interaction with some of today’s biggest personalities both in and out of music including Bono, Carlos Santana, Salma Hayek, Miguel Bosé, and Rubén Blades.

Look for Maná to enter the studio to write and record a new studio album later this year.

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