February 11, 2005

A new series driven by Love

By Geneva Gamez

In past work, like is the “La Loteria” series, it has been acknowledged that Nuvia Crisol Guerra is an artist that’s in touch with her cultural roots by expressing culturally traditonal aspects of life through painting. In most recent work, you will find a rather subtle yet noticeable change in her paintings, as she continues to play with the cultural essence of life and its comings.

“Previously through my artwork I have been able to further understand my culture and its traditions but most importantly I discovered the tight bond that keeps me connected with my ancestors. The driving fuel for this new series of work “Corazon de Siete Anos” is my experience with love.”

Guerra considers love to be one of the emotions that is most fulfilling in making you aware that you are alive. “The life cycle of this emotion will take you through a full circle of all other feelings. By embracing excitement, ecstasy, rejection and loneliness I was able to further develop my artistic discipline by challenging myself to materialize those feelings onto canvas,” says the artist.

Amor Estrecho

Using love as an inspiration Guerra has developed new techniques for painting, experimenting with new mediums to convey all aspects of the feeling she was reliving. The work varies from using a cold metallic surface of copper sheet to paint an image of great sadness and disparity to painting on raw Belgium canvas that conveys the image of natural beauty one feels when being in love.

“This is my realization as a human. I experienced a unique and wonderful aspect of being life, being in love with another soul. So why not share it with others? I welcome an audience in hope that they will connect to their own experience with love. These paintings have been the chicken soup for my soul to recover from my love sickness and through my personal art therapy I am ready to love whole-heartedly once again.

Gallery on 5th will be presenting “Corazon de Siete Anos” on February 12 through February 27, 2005 at 1837 5th Ave, San Diego CA. 92101. Opening Reception will be held the evening of February 12, 2005 from 6-9pm. The event is being co-sponsored and in benefit of local community group, Union del Barrio, for whom Guerra has donated one of her paintings to for a silent auction during the opening and closing reception of the exhibition.

Union del Barrio is a community-based organization that believes in the advancement of Chicanos, Mexicans, and Latinos through self-determination. Union del Barrio formed in August 1981 by community activists as a San Diego barrio-based organization. Since its founding, Union del Barrio has been in the forefront of numerous extremely important and historical campaigns in San Diego: the “Fuera Bersin” campaign, the Marriott Housekeeper campaign, four electoral campaigns, the ongoing campaign against Operation Gatekeeper and the campaign to get the Border Patrol off San Diego public transportations.

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