February 10, 2006

Es un Sincho that my Gente is going to be encabritados with el Supervisor Horn...Ya basta, we can’t give a free ride to every Red Neck that’s going to bad mouth Nuestra GENTE or NUESTRO HONOR! Mejicle may not be as wealthy as el U S A... Pero tenemos HONOR… Y, when is the last time you went to the Marine Corp Base? You know who is wearing the Garras del Corp? La Raza!!! No Bolillo is going to put our Gente down!!

El Jefito may not be making mucha Lana pero La Prensa San Diego will be throwing trancazos until he can do no more…Un favor Gente …If you can Jaipo La Prensa con your Grocery store or taco shop..Talk it up! It doesn’t help for La Raza to be giving dinero to the Union Tribune, or any other media más a La Prensa !

Si, you haven’t heard too much from Tezzy es que el Jefito está un poco desconchinflado! Pero I don’t forget you! Pero no puedo andar o trabajar... but don’t worry, NO ME DEJO.

Que tristeza... el choque that happened el Wednesday en El Cajon y La Mesa. Dos aeroplanos crashed. Three people were killed in the crash. No parece that any Raza were involved. You know if God meant for us to fly… He would give us wings and let us fly with the birds! Pero, in the meantime, I think, I will stick to my Carrazo!

Pues en la politica, it looks like Jerry Sanders ya se VENDIÓ! Qué nuevas! El Vendido wants to FIRE all the City workers, break the Unions, leave La Raza without protection, so he can control and do what he wants with your Tax Money! It’s going to come where El Mayor will have to be cateado... until he learns POWER IS WITH THE PEOPLE!

Stop and think Gente… What would we do without the workers from Tijuas coming over and doing the jobs we no longer want to do???

Alexandre Galdin, City Councilor (UMP Party) from Paris, France, in town this week, spent the Monday morning visiting with El Jefe. Talked politics, the Hispanic community, and immigration. La Prensa big around the world, with politicans picking our brain, but in our own backyard ni modo. Perhaps if Mr. Horn had found the time to visit La Prensa he wouldn’t have said such dumb things about the Hispanic/Mexican community!!! Who knows????

Pues Gente... Hasta la otra… Aquí estoy... Send your Hot scoop to La Prensa San Diego, 101 East 30th St., Suite A, National City, CA 91950! Remember, we may be in National City but we circulate throughout the USA and the world...including Mexico, Spain, Latin and South America y mucho más!... Chao, hasta la vista... Tezzy!

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