February 10, 2006


County Supervisor Bill Horn Delivers an Irrational State of the County Speech!

Pandering to what he believes is the base fear of the members of the Republican Party in the County of San Diego, Supervisor Bill Horn vilified the Hispanic and Mexican residents of both the communities of the City and County of San Diego and residents of the Country of Mexico. His callous remarks brought disgrace to every Mexican, Hispanic, Latino and Mexican American on both sides of the Border!

In his diatribe, Horn referred to the Border as a “War Zone,” obviously, he has never fought in a war! He shrilly called for the building of a third border fence all the way to Texas and described the Border as a major security threat to Homeland Security! He, with vast ignorance, pandered to the base fears of the Right wing Republican Party, in his “State Of The County Speech, this past week. In the process, he vilifyed the Hispanic and Mexican communities with his ignorant, callous remarks. Calling the Border, an entry way for nuclear bombs! I would suggest, to Supervisor Horn that he visit the country of Japan and see what we, as Americans did to that country with our Nuclear Bombs, before suggesting that we would open the gates to that kind of horror! Unfortunately, Mr. Horn, I was part of that WWll Holocaust that we visited upon Japan!

As publisher of La Prensa San Diego, I don’t take kindly to your stupid remarks attempting to blemish the dignity and honor of the Mexican Citizens of Mexico and of those Mexicans that have lived and sacrificed to live with honor and dignity in America, a country which our ancestors helped create! Your remarks were designed to foster hate towards the Hispanic –Mexican community.

As Hispanics, we have seen this happen over and over. When, a young girl cried rape in the East County and described her assailant as a Migrant, with the tacit support of Supervisor Diana Jacobs, vigilantes went out scouring the back county, coming across four migrant workers they beat them and then ran off, leaving one of them dying. As it turned out, they had nothing to do with the girl. It is these types of comments that give comfort and support to racist.

A recent E-mail sent to La Prensa San Diego stated: “Beware the next step for Real American Patriots is to hunt down the enemies of OUR COUNTRY AND SHOOT TO KILL ANYTHING THAT COMES ACROSS THE BORDER -MAN, WOMAN, or CHILD!

Mr. Horn forgets that he represents all the people of the County. It is his duty to protect the health and well being of all the races, political persuasions, and cultures. By his callous remarks, he has singled out the Hispanic community as a threat to the community at-large. Mr. Horn has failed as a leader; he has shown a complete lack of knowledge and understanding of the Border issues in general and of the important role that we as descendents of the founders and developers of America have played. The Hispanic Community must stand up to this type of racist rhetoric and demand accountability from our elected representatives!

Supervisor Horn should RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!

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