February 9, 2001

Christian Ramirez Throws Sombrero into District 8 Race

By Dan Muñoz
La Prensa Staff

Tijuana born Christian Ramirez has jumped into the heated race for the District 8 Council Seat. Running on a Chicano slogan ¡Todo el Poder al Pubelo-Y Todo el pueblo al Poder! (All power to the people-and all the people to the power).

Christian moved to San Diego in 1986 from Tijuana and has lived most of his life in San Ysidro. At 17 years of age, he enrolled at San Diego State University where he earned a B.A. in Anthropology and History. It wasn't all studying however, while attending SDSU, he joined The Raza Rights Coalition and the Union del Barrio both Chicano pro activist organizations. He became active in the struggles to gain Educational Rights for the Mexican-Latino communities, supporting Workers Rights, opposing Police and Border Patrol Brutalities. He eventually moved into the Logan Heights community and restarted his education in an effort to complete a Masters Degree in Latin American Studies.

Why did he decide to go into establishment politics? His believes that the Mexican-Latino people are de-enfranchized and therefore are powerless. He believes that the communities should have the power to rid the community of toxic polluters who have turned the barrios into massive toxic dumps. In his prepared Issue statement he states "the communities need expanded health and emergency services. Electrical and gas rates should be frozen in the barrios and all other depressed residential areas."

In a very progressive statement Ramirez states: "I will fight to expose city corruption such as the PADRE ballpark rip-off, The Chargers ticket rip-off, and the Gas and Electric rate rip-off." On the other hand, he will support the status quo by opting to support the Teachers and their Unions (CTA?)

He concludes his issue statement by stating that he will promote economic and cultural development, affordable housing, support small businesses, and work towards hiring "locals first in all hiring programs

(Christian Ramirez campaign can be reached at (619) 696-9224 or by mail at P.O. Box 620095, San Diego, Ca. 92162)

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