February 9, 2001

Lt. Governor Cruz M. Bustamante Proclaims February 2 "Cal Grant Day"

Sacramento — Lt. Governor Cruz M. Bustamante today issued a proclamation declaring "Cal Grant Day" in California, nothing that the deadline for graduating high school students to apply for an award under the $1.2 billion financial aid guarantee program is in exactly one month, March 2.

"The new Cal Grant Program guarantees an award to every student who is financially and academically eligible to receive one. We must ensure that students who are fully eligible to receive a Cal Grant award actually meet the March 2, 2001 deadline for applying," said Bustamante, who issued the proclamation in his capacity as Acting Governor.

The proclamation comes day after Bustamante launched his "College Opportunity and Outreach Program," which will, among other things, promote the historic expansion of Cal Grant awards, California's basic financial aid program. Among those attending Busta-mante's news conference was Loretta Hultman, a college counselor at Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles, who said many of her students believe they can't afford college. "Many of them come in to see me and say, `I have the grades, but I don't have the money to go to school.' This (Cal Grant) wipes out that concern," Hultman said.

Under Cal Grant guidelines, students who meet financial eligibility requirements and who graduate with a "B" average of 3.0 qualify for a Cal Grant Award. Needy students with a "C" average of 2.0 qualify for a Cal Grant B award. Community college transfer students must earn at least a 2.4 grade point average and be eligible to transfer to a four-year institution to be entitled to a Cal Grant award.

Cal Grant A recipients can receive a renewal award annually for up to four years to cover the cost of tuition and fees —up to $1,428 for the California State University; up to $3,429 for the University of California; and up to $9,708 for private colleges and universities. In their first year, Cal Grant B recipients can receive a grant up to $1,551 for books and living expenses. In subsequent years, Cal Grant B also helps pay for tuition and fees.

For more information about Cal Grant financial eligibility requirements, contact the California Student Aid Commission through their Web site at www.csac.ca.gov or through a toll free number, 888-CA-GRANT.

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