February 9, 2001

BUSCAR.com Launches Spanish Language Search Site

TULSA, OK — BUSCAR.com launches Spanish Language Search Engine Site, (www.buscar.com), which offers Spanish Language Internet users an easy to use site for finding Spanish Language web sites. Buscar means "to search" or "to find" in Spanish. The site is exclusively for Spanish Language users and only Spanish Language sites are included in the database.

Spanish Language web sites are exploding in number as Spanish Language users have become the fastest growing segment on the Internet. Just as the number of English Language web sites began to rocket in numbers a few years ago, Spanish Language web sites are just entering this rapid growth phase. Many English based Search Engines offer Spanish searches but may leave Spanish Language visitors out because of non-Spanish names, hard to remember URLs, or high costs for listing new web sites. BUSCAR.com does not charge for adding web sites into its database.

Chief Editor, Guillermo Rojas, states the site also offers news highlights and will soon add other services but BUSCAR.com's focus is to provide users the most up to date and easy to use search site. Rojas encourages anyone with a Spanish Language web site to submit the site to be included in the database. During its previous six-month beta test, almost 90,000 people visited the site and submitted overwhelming positive comments about the site. Many visitors claimed they expected to find a Spanish Language search site when they intuitively typed in the URL of www.buscar.com and were pleased to find exactly what they were looking for.

BUSCAR.com is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. The company's goal is to become one of the Internets' most popular Spanish Language Search Sites.

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