February 9, 2001

BC Electricity to California will stop in May

Frontera NorteSur, newsservice

The electricity that the Baja California Division of the Federal Electricity Commission (Comisión Federal de Electricidad, CFE) is selling to California is surplus electricity that exists within the Mexican system only during the winter months, according to CFE San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora Superintendent Humberto López Guzmán.

López said that the sale of electricity to California will end in May when "summer arrives to the region and the demand for power doubles." Heightened summer demand for electricity is due to the use of domestic and business air conditioning. Irrigation well pumps also contribute to the region's increased summer-time power needs.

The CFE's BC Division, which is currently helping California, is comprised of the cities of Tijuana, Méxicali, Ensenada and San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora (located on the BC-Sonora border).

The power is produced at a geothermal plant in Cerro Prieto, near Méxicali, and a thermoelectric plant in Rosarito, BC. During the summer months, two oil-burning plants in Méxicali and Ensenada help meet regional power needs.

López also refuted statements by PRD politicians alleging that the CFE was giving lower prices to US consumers than it was to its Mexican customers.

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