February 9, 2001

Mary Arends-Biddlecome wants to be plugged into District 8!

Mary is a candidate in the February 27th special election to fill the vacancy in District Eight. She wants to be distinguished as a "mother and attorney" whose law practice emphasizes standing up for interests of children and parents.

"I am running", states Mary, " because District 8 neighborhoods aren't family-friendly. While District 8 holds the most affordable housing San Diego has to offer to families of low and modest incomes, its streets are hazard zones, its parks and libraries fail to inspire physical and mental exercises, and its cloak of social service programs to support the needs of children and seniors ares threadbare.

"The good news is that District 8 has the greatest potential for transformation into a model family-friendly neighborhood. That means: safe streets, quality schools, good public transportation, and parks and libraries with the resources to serve the social needs of residents of all ages and languages. The heart of a mother and the skills of an attorney are what is needed to make this happen", she stated.

Mary Arends-Biddlecome has been a San Diego resident for 24 years. Golden Hills has been home since 1986.

(Mary' campaign can be reached at 2145 32nd Street, San Diego, 92104 or Ph. 619-563-7656 FAX 584-2945)

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