February 7, 2003

Is it me...

...or did Kingpin really suck?

By Frank Arzaga

Is it me, am I getting too old to digest new things, or did the highly touted TV Show “Kingpin” really suck?

For weeks, I’ve been seeing commercials about this new “Latino” show (written by white guys), that was supposed to reflect, in some respects, life on the Mexican side of things. Commercials depicted the usual things white America sees in Latinos (drugs, drug dealers, sensual promiscuity, violence, mob lifestyle, etc), overly amplified. A rip-off & poor imitation of the Narco-Trafficante Mexican movies of the 1970’s.

Then, besides having only one or two REAL Mexican actors, what really chapped my chicharrones was the way the network shows a dreamy, nostalgic, romantic commercial about another show, “American Dream,” featuring safe, fluffy, non-threatening and struggling-for-the-American-dream-Mom-and-apple-pie Anglos just before the commercial about “Kingpin” (for four weeks!).

To the sick, lame, lazy and ignorant, the differences were enough to cause the KKK to boycott Taco Bell in rebellion! Talk about inciting racism. No wonder you have knuckleheads guarding farms in Arizona and Texas with automatic weapons. No wonder uninformed idiots blame the economic and political breakdown of America on immigrants (especially Latino-flavored). No wonder Corporate America has a hard time taking Latinos seriously.

The loss of affirmative action programs is not causing many white people to lose sleep and this show almost validates their insecure hold and adherance on racism. Damn, we got set back another 10 years!!!

Did anybody else pick up on this?

Then there’s the acting. Where the hell can a Mexican cop (or anybody else with a most phony accent that even embarassed my cousin Chuy, who has a real accent) cross the Rio Grande with no Border Patrol rednecks or chainlink barbed wire fence to stop them in broad daylight?

Even my kids laughed at this, and they were born here!

Where else can a complete tonto be in charge of anything or anybody? Almost makes you glad he got killed, ver-dad? (You see what I mean?)

I hope I’m not the only one to protest this 21st Century equivalent to “Amos & Andy”, (also written by white guys).

I’m not going to waste my time watching this mierda, and I hope it doesn’t infect and encourage younger Latinos to imitate, the way “Gangsta’ (obviously mis-pelled by somebody who failed 4th grade spelling) and street hip hop lifestyles have infected the younger black generations, leaving them no other role models but Rap stars, drug-thugs, & basketball players, with a complete loss of the social graces & manners, which makes white folks hate us even more.

Is it me, or are we witnessing a more sophisticated flavor of institutionalized racism that will affect our younger generations and keep them poor and uneducated?

We pick their produce, we fill their jails, we fight their wars, we garden their homes, and we take blame for society’s ills on their terms, yet we can’t get into their colleges and our wages and living conditions don’t match theirs.

Is it me, or did “Kingpin” really suck?

Reprinted from LatinoLa.com

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