February 6, 2004

No Crying in Baseball

A conspiracy of Latinos to take over America’s pastime

By Al Carlos Hernandez

There is a Chicken Little guy named Daniel Sheehy who has his boxers in a bunch. Hee has uncovered what he considers a conspiracy of Hispanics taking over America via Major League baseball.

In an article last week at http://michnews.com/artman/publish/article_2370.shtml, he melee mouth munched that, Arte Moreno who became the first Hispanic to buy a United States-based major league sports team, plans to enhance the team’s marketing to Hispanics. Sheehy got his feelings hurt because Moreno didn’t buy any sports team; he bought the Anaheim Angels, a potentially viable World Series contender.

Sheeh-dogg shivered, “In the last few months Moreno has acquired four ball players, Escobar 19 million, Colon 51 million, Guillen 6 million, and Vladimir Guerreo for 70 million. These are quality players, but does anyone see a trend here?”

Hello? He wants to win the pennant.

LA Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke wrote, “If you think it’s coincidental that the first four major free-agent acquisitions by U.S. sports’ first major Latino owner have been Latino, think again. It’s not that Moreno signed Latinos to impress his growing Latino fan base - that would be patronizing. The new players didn’t sign based on heritage. That’s foolish, but one cannot ignore that for the first time in their professional lives some of baseball’s best players have a boss who speaks their language”.

Plaschke then quoted noted academic Milton Jamail, who said “To see this commitment from a franchise located in the heart of one of the fastest-growing Latino populations tells me that they understand their fans.”

Getting back to foolish, player hater Sheehmeister, who believes that the LA Times is part of “the sky is raining Mexicans” theory says that “Moreno is quickly signing only Hispanic players; he seems to be letting go of non-Hispanic players.”

No, players have left the Angles because their non-Latino East Coast educated sports agents have found better deals for them elsewhere.

Sheeh, apparently a big fan of Colombo, discerned, “So what is going on here? Just based on the facts it appears Moreno is creating a Hispanic baseball team, one where everybody speaks Spanish, from the front office, to the broadcast booth, to the coaches, to the players. Sure, when the team takes the field in the coming months, there will still be players and others who are not Hispanic, but I’m wondering for how long?”

For everyone or anyone who has played the game — who doesn’t whine, or throw like an “American Patriot” Girl — baseball is America’s past time, and one of the most integrated sports imaginable. There is no crying in baseball.

The sport requires a dedication and a passion that is no respecter of class, size or stature.

It is the egalitarian nature of the game that brings working people of every race and creed together during the summer months to purchase five dollar hot dogs and seven dollar cups of suds. I was a particular fan of the fist fights in the bleachers back in the day on spirited summer afternoons.

No one really cares what ethnicities are running around the field. If they can pitch, hit, field the ball and steal a base. Race is only necessary as insult fodder, when the opposing player comes to bat, or pitching against our boys during a full count.

Sheesh concludes his divisive and imbecilic rant by writing: “Last June, the Census Bureau said Hispanics had surpassed black as the largest minority in America. The truth is Hispanics have become the largest minority because millions have illegally invaded the US and have had more babies. This dramatic population increase in America is a result of our government’s refusal to protect our country from invasion by people from countries south of the border. Most of these invaders have no desire to learn English or assimilate into the American culture. The lack of enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws has threatened our national media, language indeed, our ability to communicate with each other as America is under attack.”

What Sheeh fails to realize is that our American military is made up of a disproportionate number of Latinos fighting our wars. Many brave and valliant undocumented soldiers are being used as cannon fodder protecting his right to be a reactionary racist.

Sports has always been on the forefront of socio-cultural assimilation. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Al Carlos is a left fielder. Reprinted from LatinoLA.com January 26, 2004.

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