February 4, 2005

El otro día as I sat outside mi jacalito en Tijuas a cuate came by and ask me: Ese cuate, ¿cómo te va? Pos, I said, with this rain ahora sí que soy un “Wetback”. No importa, mi cantón ya no es! Ni mi Ruca ni mis chilpayates aguantaron! Barriologist (Muy de aquellas) tells me that los Hommies de Logan got all tronados... Chale ese, you think they’re going to take their Hot Rods out in the agua? Ni modo ese!

¿Qué pasa with nuestra gente? Here we are in year 2005 and our gente is still in La vida Loca! So many of our chavalos are still playing with drugs. Come on Gente let it go! Stop supporting the drug dealers! There is no orgullo in your Mommie and Poppies hearts when they see you all tirile.

PREGUNTA: How long, Gente, are we going to take having the Drug cartels de Tijuas use our Barrios as their turf for drug peddling? It’s time Gente to put an end to all the destruction of our youth by the drug pushers.

Deep Throat in Foggy Bottom tells me there is a real political move to oust Mayor Murphy out of office. The ULTRACONs (extreme Republican RightWing) wants one of their own to be Mayor when they change the charter to “Strong Mayor form of government. Murphy not seen as an extreme Right winger!

Por la gente, city scandals puts one thing in perspective - no Hispanics are caught up in the pension fund bruja. I guess not being a part of the ‘good ole boy’ system has its benefits, in this case. Of course Inzunza Jr., also points out that if given the opportunity... well....!

Christmas ya pasó. December 25 made me very happy with nuestra gente. They didn’t buy into the Corporate movida TO TAKE CHRIST OUT OF CHRISTMAS. To the “money changers,” if they could, they would make every day an excuse to shop, shop, shop! It pleased me to see our churches fill up with my Gente... kneeling praying to there God!

En fin, for this week, Tezozomoc is not too proud of the Mexican Television stations; their programing is atrocious and indecent. Really Gente is it really necessary to parade our women almost naked all the time? ¿Por qué the FCC allows this totally obscene programming to continue?

Bueno, chao, hasta la otra.

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