February 4, 2005


San Diego City Council No Match for the City Attorney

The members of the San Diego City Council have been totally and completely out -lawyered by recently elected City Attorney Mike Aguirre! For the first time since former Mayor Frank Curran ran the City Council, back in the 70’s, sanity is beginning to be a part of the process of running the business of the City. The “Good-ole-Boy” network has been exposed for what it has always been: a conspiracy of elected individuals and citizens that run the city for their own purposes, political or monetary gains.

The City of San Diego is in the mess that it is in, because there has been no one that would use their power, as the City Attorney, to stop the obviously illegal acts that were and are being carried out, not only by elected officials, but also by their appointees to the various Boards and Commissions. Giving them access to the public purse with, little or no control of how they utilized these funds was unconscionable. Currently, millions are being squandered to benefit a small segment of the City Employees of the San Diego and the appointed members of the Pension Governing Board. In the process, the City is going bankrupt.

City Attorney Aguirre can bring sanity and respectability back to the City of San Diego by forcing accountability from our elected officials, and taking action against those appointees and hired employees who have with impunity raided the city purse to fill their coffers with their ill-gotten gains.

Using the public purse to further the goals and aims of the insiders is evident with a cursory look at the yearly spending budget.... Millions are being giving away to the “Right” groups and organizations that have little to do with the needs of the general public, such as the maintenance of the city, public safety, fire protection, transportation, health, education, etc. Former Mayor Susan Golding couldn’t explain why she raided the city treasury to finance the Republican political convention or why she raided it again to support the Chargers and the Padres. Millions have been squandered to finance wealthy corporations and individuals with land give-a- ways or providing them with a fancy golf course (Torrey Pines) that the regular citizens can’t use. Hundreds of these subsidies are in the yearly budget that our City Council and Mayor have approved yearly.

Good luck City Attorney Aguirre you will have a fun time in your next four years. But whatever you manage to accomplish, we the citizens of San Diego will be eternally grateful.

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