February 3, 2006

Xavier “The X-Man,” taking Californians back to the good old days

By Luis Alonso Pérez

You can hear him every weekday afternoon, taking requests from listeners and playing their favorite songs, those classic tunes that take us back to the good old days. His name is Xavier, but listeners everywhere from San Francisco to Tijuana call him the X-Man.

Xavier is the man with the golden oldies and he is always happy to play that special song you are longing for. His passion for the oldies and his sincere devotion to his people are the reasons The X-Man is loved and respected by thousands of faithful listeners.

Oldies music has always been an important part of Xavier’s life. When he was growing up he used to love listening to James Brown, Little Richard, Jr. Walker or Mary Wells from his mother’s huge record collection.

His career as a DJ goes back, way back to Salinas, California. When growing up, Xavier always wanted to be a turntable DJ but he couldn’t afford the equipment, but his mad love for music made him spend all of his chore money on records and very soon he owned a pretty decent record collection.

One day, a high school friend who worked in a small public radio station invited him over to play some of his records. That same afternoon he fell in love with the radio booth and being behind a microphone. Very soon he began hosting a funk and old school show of his own.

During his university years at San Jose State University he worked in local radio stations like KHQT Hot 97 and KSJS, where he programmed a show called “Radio Aztlan,” but kept in touch with his hometown audience, holding on air gigs at 102.5 KDON in Salinas.

When he graduated, Xavier moved to San Francisco and became the host of WILD 949’s nightly slow jam show “Turn off the lights,” delighting couples with special love dedications and requests. He also created his famous “Xavier the X-man’s Sunday Night Oldies Show.”

After a couple of years at Mega 100 LA’s Jammin Oldies he decided to move to San Diego, became Assistant Program Director at Magic 92.5 “San Diego’s Old School” and started hosting the weekday afternoon show, spreading the love to all of his listeners in the streets of San Diego and south of the border in Tijuana.

“When I first came to San Diego I never expected to find such a large and faithful audience over there. I feel a strong connection with mi ‘Gente’ in Tijuana. I love them just as much as I love people on this side.”

The X- man gets dedication calls from people in Tijuana who don’t even know English, but that’s no problem for Xavier, because he can get by just fine speaking some west coast “spanglish” he learned growing up in a “Mexipino” household, with a Mexican mother and a Filipino father.

His love and sincere interest for his community has gained the X - Man a reputation as one of the most respectful and down-to-earth individuals in the business. He enjoys meeting people, talking to them on the phone and playing their dedications. Still, Xavier takes his work very seriously and feels blessed doing something he really enjoys.

“Working behind a microphone is very powerful and I feel the utmost respect for it, because the things I say and the music I play are coming out of people’s radios in their houses, in their cars. What I say can impact a community and a person’s life, so I never take that for granted. I can use the radio airwaves to promote positive things people are doing in the community or speak about the negative things that people are not talking about or paying attention to”.

Xavier believes that America tends to ignore the “Sleeping giant,” those millions of Mexicanos and Latinos that are underserved by commercial media. “I think what makes my show special is that I speak their same language and I want to represent them in a positive way, but at the same time I can play the music people love.”

“The most gratifying part of my job is making a connection with people and touching their hearts, I love talking to their ‘corazones,’ and I plan on doing it until the lord says ‘Ya Basta.’”

For the X – Man being a radio DJ is more like a hobby than a real job. “To me this is just the story of a boy who had a hobby and a love for radio and oldies music, and he’s able to live his dream.”

You can listen to Xavier the X – Man’s afternoon show every weekday afternoon from 3 to 7 pm on San Diego’s Magic 92.5. For a special request or dedication you can email him at thexman949@hotmail.com or visit his web page www.xavierthexman.com.

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