February 3, 2006

Last weeks article “Lowriding: Changing with the times”, by JD Hawk, in the January 27th edition of La Prensa San Diego, attracted attention from New York to Los Angeles! Several News Agencies want to do a follow up. The article is also being featured at the San Diego Automotive Museum’s showing of “Bajito y Suavecito”…..Lowriders of Southern California” in Balboa Park!

Orale Gente, we always like to hear from our readers! It’s nice to know our efforts are being appreciated!

In case you haven’t noticed, advertising is not coming in. Be nice if our Business community, and all other agencies and groups recognize the importance of “El Jefito” being able to continue printing of La Prensa San Diego. ADVERTISING IS THE LIFEBLOOD THAT HELPS MAINTAIN OUR VOICE VIBRANT, ALIVE AND WELL! But it takes DINERO…. MUCHO DINERO! We need your advertisement to be able to continue providing a voice for our people!

Este Indio hasn’t fully recharged the batteries from the last elections! Pero, ni modo, the next elections are coming up fast so we have to put the pipe down and get back to work.

La Politica:

Nick Inzunza’s decision not to run for re-election as mayor of National City has re-opened the door for potential políticos. Former Mayor George Waters has been making noises that he wants to become Mayor again. Many of his former supporters are totally disgusted with the shambles that has been made of the city! Another wannabe Mayor is Darryl Gorman. Some folks think, why not? Of course current City Councilman Ron Morrison has made no secret that he would like a shot at the Mayor ship! Luis Natividad, current City Councilman, it seems, has decided he isn’t up to it. Word is, Luis just isn’t to happy being in politics! Pearl Quinoñes, who had publicly stated her desire to run for the mayor’s office in National City, is now considering the race for the 79th Assembly seat. That would pit her against Mary Salas! Chula Vista City council person Steve Castañeda fired off a letter last week stating that he was withdrawing his support of Steve Padilla for Mayor. Does this mean you’re in the race for Mayor of Chula Vista? ¿Por qué no? (Why Not?).

San Diego’s “Strong Mayor Jerry Sanders” begin his term of office by essentially throwing in the towel. First, he will back away from the Pension-Benefit battle by trying to pass on to the voters the job of approving employees pension benefit increases. A Strong Mayor i.e. leader would want to control the City’s financing and keep control of the City Treasury. He in essence would turn over control of the City to the same multimillioners who control the electorial voting system! Our Strong Mayor would place on the Ballot to have the voters control the 1100 City employees by turning over all the decisions to a public vote! In essence, you must put it to a public vote anytime a change is needed in the hiring, firing, pensions of the City Employes! In fact, the Strong Mayor would turn over control of the City to the disinterested public voter! Why would we need a City Council or Mayor if the general public will have to vote on every aspect of running the City?

Padres signing Mike Piazza…please! This would have been a good signing five years ago, but Piazza is old. I guess all that propaganda about the need for a new stadium so the Padres can compete was a bunch of hog-wash.

Sticking with sports: Qué pasó with the Superbowl, so far it has been a big yawner. If it wasn’t for Jerome Bettis there wouldn’t be much to talk about.

Hasta La Otra... Tezzy

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