February 3, 2006

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Don’t let San Diego get shortchanged! 

Last week, Tezzie touched on the Governor’s $222 billion bond proposal that calls for better freeways, schools, levees and bridges in the state. (“Tezozomoc Speaks” January 27) Please ask Tezzie to see what he can do so that San Diego doesn’t get the short end of that stick as it has in the past.

  Historically, the San Diego region has not received its fair share of monies from bonds due to the political clout shared by Los Angeles and San Francisco. The people of San Diego may vote for a bond for cleaner air or water but if you look at the fine print you will see that the bulk of the money usually goes North.

  From all appearances, history repeats itself yet again with the governor’s proposed infrastructure bond. In his visit to San Diego a couple of weeks ago, he stated that about $600 million will go to help with roads in the San Diego area. That’s not even one billion dollars out of a total $222 billion in funds! Any transportation expert can tell you that $600 million would hardly make a dent on our transportation system.

Not to mention the fact that this bond will virtually tie up the state’s ability to borrow money by selling bonds for the next decade. Let’s at least make it worth paying for if we are going to burden our grandchildren with the payment of this bond.

I urge the whole San Diego state legislative delegation to demand that the San Diego region not be shortchanged this time. I also ask everyone to make sure that once this proposition comes to us for a vote that we do not fall prey to false promises of faster commutes as the governor’s PR machine wants us to believe.

Bill Richter
Chula Vista

The Chavez Uproar

The appointment of Patty Chavez to the Chula Vista City Council has resulted in a great uproar. But the uproar has nothing to do with Ms. Chavez — the uproar was over the way that Mayor Steve Padilla was able to substitute his personal choice over the choice of Chula Vista voters for the next council person.

 The power of incumbency is HUGE in Chula Vista. No incumbent has lost a race for re-election since 1968. Many of us had long lobbied the Council to select someone who promised not to be a candidate for June’s election for that seat. Many applicants did so. That way, the election for the termed-out seat would be fair and open — Chula Vista voters would make the decision. But by selecting the Mayor’s choice, who refused to make such a promise, Ms. Chavez could run disguised as the “incumbent” and probably win — a free ride and the Mayor has a loyal “yes” vote for the rest of his time in office.

 No one that I know is upset with Ms. Chavez — in fact, I do not know anyone who even knows her. Indeed, most of us see her as an eventual victim of this charade. And thus for now, everyone that I know has agreed to not criticize Ms. Chavez nor cast any dispersions on her personally.

But if Ms. Chavez does eventually decide to run and to disguise herself as the “incumbent,” I predict that all constraints will be off. I think many people, probably including the three (or more) real candidates, will be only too happy to expose her as a fraudulent “incumbent.”

On the other hand, if Ms. Chavez decides to run for the office as a “professional businesswoman” or “public relations expert” or even as a “stay-at-home mom,” then that would be honest and I would see her as a welcomed addition to the race.

Many think that if Ms. Chavez is smart, she will not run now, but rather will serve out the term until December, and then be in a great position to be an honest and experienced candidate for Jerry Rindone’s termed-out seat.

 The next few months ought to prove interesting!

Peter Watry
Chula Vista

How George W. Bush creates world Socialism

Mexico’s leftist candidate for President vows to help the poor and elderly, to clean up corruption and to not be a puppet of George W. Bush. Newly elected Presidents of Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain and Norway elect likewise. All these countries have participated in free and open democratic elections.

The Palestinian Territories have within the last few days elected an avowed terrorist organization to lead their people, all through the democratic process.Meanwhile, the world’s largest Communist State, China, finds it’s standard of living rising faster than an Atlas Rocket due in large measure to cheap Chinese exports touted by The Bush Administration as benefiting the American Consumer. Despite their loss, liberals still hold a fighting position in Canada’s Parliament as well as in Germany.

Why this tilt toward the state and away from the individual. It has to do with the pit bull on the block or what is perceived as America’s King Tut Syndrome. The George W. Bush Doctrine of personal empowerment, preemptive strike and free market excess overlooks the moral and ethical implications upon both the state and world itself.  Additionally, while America touts the evil doers of September 11 as enemies of freedom, the rest of the planet asks a very wise question. That is, why would anyone commit such an horrendous crime?

The recent election of so-called socialist leaders throughout the world is ironically a backlash to a foreign policy meant to protect and preserve our Republic. Furthermore, countries such as Spain, Poland and Italy are now gradually withdrawing their troops from Iraq. These countries were prostituted by America’s Foreign Policy blunders and now see our government for it’s true colors and not for it’s pretty folks. If charity begins at home then let us protect America from within by reason, lessons from the past, a collaboration of ideas presented by the world body politic together with America’s wise men. It was not long ago that our great beloved nation aspired and attained greatness throughout the world. The horrifying events of 9-11 have propelled these great United States into a moral, ethical and legal free fall that can only be reconciled at the ballot box. See you in November.

Daniel J. Smiechowski
San Diego

The Inzunzas and the Vargases are San Diego’s version of the Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

Vargas hand-picked Ralph Inzunza to be his Chief of Staff and then helped elect him to the City Council - where was promptly convicted of numerous felonies involving illegal campaign contributions.

Vargas also gave his support and campaign cash to Ralph’s brother Nick, the slumlord Mayor of National City who lied to the press about his real estate holdings, and then blamed the whole affair on his wife.

Then Vargas lobbed accusations at Congressman Bob Filner’s wife, arguing that paid campaign staff shouldn’t live in the candidate’s house - until he had to admit that did the same thing with his family members.

Now Vargas accuses of Filner of accepting campaign contributions from advocates of a new sewage treatment system - and lo and behold, Vargas has done the same thing for years - supporting this project, taking money from its supporters, and even leading the City Council to pass a resolution supporting it.

Vargas defends his checkered past by saying I’m not very good with details, but isn’t that the least we should expect from our elected officials?

Marcela Villaseñor
San Diego

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