February 2, 2001

Elias Rojas Announces Candidacy For 8th City Council Race

Elias Rojas officially announced his candidacy for the eighth city council race. Rojas join eleven other candidates trying to succeed former Councilmember Juan Vargas.

"The Eighth District is in need of a representative that will be a strong voice for its residents —a councilmember who is genuinely concerned with their quality of life and community. I will be that type of leader by working for more city resources to improve parks, roads and sidewalks, and working with our law enforcement agencies for safer streets. Most importantly, I will restore the trust of the local community by representing them and not the downtown special interest," said Elias Rojas, a financial securities broker.

Elias Rojas has been in public service for over five years. He was the District Director for former Assemblywoman Nell Soto who is now a State Senator. Elias also served as a constituent representative for a local San Diego City Council-member. This is his first time running for elected office, but he is not a novice to campaigning. Rojas has managed several political campaigns including a San Diego City Council race and several California State Assembly races. Elias was recently elected to serve on the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee and is an executive board member of the San Diego Chapter of the League of Conservation Voters.

"I have been walking the district and talking to voters at their homes. They have shared their concerns about the electricity crisis and the direction the city council will take in choosing between the desires of downtown special interests and the needs of our neighborhoods. I represent new leadership that will not be beholden to special interests. People are responding favorably to my message," concluded Rojas.

Rojas resides in the community of Golden Hill. He is 28 years old, single and is committed to serving his community. He was raised by his single mother and was the first in his family to graduate college. Elias is currently employed with TD Waterhouse Securities, Inc., as a financial securities broker.

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